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Re: 2 year old with severe tooth decay- need support

Thank you all for your kind words and support. We do drink/use almond breeze as our milk substitute so she does get calcium there as well as from nursing.

Ktmedoly-- what do you consider ASAP? She's going back in a couple weeks for a cleaning and to have flouride painted on and then she'll go back in January for the first filling. She doesn't want to do too much in one visit to traumatize DD's dental experiences.

I know that some of it can be genetics. I have great teeth and never had any problems until after I had DD I needed a couple fillings but DH has bad teeth and has need many fillings as an adult (but none as a child) I guess there's still a lot we don't know about teeth and their development. It just drives me crazy because like shortcake mentioned I know many who eat/drink sugar all day long, have never been to the dentist and have perfect teeth

I'll keep up with this thread throughout all our appointments which will hopefully help someone somewhere.

Does anyone know the benefits of cod liver oil vs fermented cod liver oil?
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