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Re: DTaP vaccine ???

Vaccination is a fierce and nasty debate. After my son was born the hospital's nurses tried to force my husband and I to get the dTap shot. I refused it on the grounds that my husband and I had up to date tetanus shots. But this shot has whooping cough in it came the reply. I told the lady I didn't care if it had whooping cough in it. I had studied the numbers of people who get whooping cough in the USA every year and found the need for the vaccine lacking. She acted like I was killing my baby by not getting the shot. A few months after my son was born stories came out about people getting whooping cough from the vaccines themselves. Long story short educate yourself with the facts. Also as a nurse I say don't take any vaccinations during pregnancy. There is a question as to whether or not vaccinations harm children who are several months to a year old. I can't even imagine what vaccinations do to a fragile fetus. Another thing to consider is doctors really discourage pregnant women from taking medications unless they absolutely have to so why are they insisting on a vaccination that doesn't have studies on how it effects the unborn fetus?
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