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Re: DTaP vaccine ???

Originally Posted by bananaclip View Post

Tdap is a class C drug. It is not known if it is harmful to an unborn baby, it has never been studied. Pregnant women were excluded from the safety studies. Doctors rely on epidemiological assumptions of safety regarding the recommendation pregnant women be vaccinated.

I have taken 3 epi courses in grad school, and I do not trust most epi studies *especially* when there is a drug company trying to sell more of a product based on the results of an epi study. Money talks, loud, and truth whispers.
Totally agree. Drug companies sell drugs and make drugs under the pretense that they care. In reality they sell and make drugs to make money. They also rush the FDA to approve their drugs based on studies on animals and rush the FDA to black label a drug only after they have been sued multiple times so they can stop more lawsuits.
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