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Re: ATTS: November 30, 2011

Posted on the old thread this morning, but STARK white bfn this morning. Was thinking maybe I didn't ovulate after all (Camilla, I was thinking that just because to me my chart still looks unclear about ovulation date and it still doesn't show up at all with the FAM method so it's not out of the question that I never O'd). Maybe I did, though...if so I just hope AF is here soon. I would actually be pretty happy if I could just see that I can have a somewhat normal cycle, even if I didn't get pg in it. The longer I go past the ovulation date it gave me without a bfp though just makes me lose hope that I'm actually ovulating or even having a chance of pregnancy I guess I shouldn't be too down, though, because DH and I did talk about waiting until January and if things were still out of whack then calling my dr. for some help. So we've got that on the horizon if we need it, I suppose.
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