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Re: I've spent $732 on diapers... And my first baby's due in March.

I have definitely been influenced by DS-- you know, the more you read, the more you want to buy. In my defense-- again! LOL-- I actually shop for a living. So, having an excuse and all-- you know, diapers are a necessity!-- I ran with it. I also resell for a living, so it's not crazy to think I will actually take the time to list the ones I don't need/want.

But the main reason my stash is SO big is that a lot of these were A) fantastic "package" deals from the consignment/yard sales or B) big lots from eBay/FSOT. So I might need 3 of an item that retails for maybe $8-10/item, and be willing to pay a total of $15 for 3... But someone has them in a lot at 5 for $15, or 8 for $18, and I end up with 2-5 extra dipes for the same price or only a little more.

For example, I wanted like 3-4 Preemie Proraps (just in case) and I got a "lot" on eBay (honestly like-new!) for $15 including shipping. It just happened to be 8 Proraps, instead of 3-4. No way am I going to use all of them, at least not for long, unless this baby comes REALLY early! I'm sure most of them will end up on FSOT in 2013.

Or, I'm not even planning on using too many pockets d/t the ECing and WAHMing, but I got 6 FuzziBunz BRAND NEW at one of the consignment/yard sales for $36, in colors I loved. So I was like, yeah, I only need maybe 2-3, but assuming I don't use all of them, I can probably end up reselling, say, 4 of them, and getting at least $28 back. So now I've paid $8 for 2.

Or I got another lot on eBay that was a nice price for just the PFs in it, but it happened to come with some WAHM fitteds, wipes, etc., too.

That kind of thing.

No way I think I need all of these! Unless, as DH often quips, our baby ends up actually having 12 butts.
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