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Re: What do you think your mailman thinks?

We just have a PO BOX and let me tell you, the "old (male) coots" that work at the local PO HATE ME! They see me coming and !
They knew me by name within two weeks of us having our box

But, there's one woman there that is just a true GEM...
One day I walked in and had to ship a pair of shoes to Hawaii! (Luckily they were Crocs, so they're light!) So she helped me find the right flat rate envelope.

The next day I walked in with a preprinted Paypal shipping sticker, and I was a *teeny bit over the weight limit...she let it slide, "because I can"

The day after that...she wasn't at the window... crap...then miraculously she appeared!
She says "so what is it and where's it going?" When I told her:
I think right then and there she found a soft spot in her heart for me! Or else she thinks I'm a complete

She's on vacation right now though, so all of my shipping is on a moratorium until she returns
But, that's not stopping it from coming!
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