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Re: AMP diapers or other Canadian lines - opinions?

I haven't used AMP yet so I don't know how they compare, but I have used the similar-looking Applecheeks. I use them as AI2s, and at first they were my favourite diaper, as they contained EBF poop very well and didn't irritate my son's legs. I liked that you could adjust the waist and leg separately. However, like My_Tree_Grows has stated, now as he's nearing 4 months old, the Size 1s are fitting VERY snugly at the widest setting, leaving red marks. I tried the Size 2s and they are ridiculously huge on him. The bamboo inserts even though they fit weird inside the size 1s are very very soft and absorbent.

I LOVE my BubuBeBe sleepytime, it is my favorite and I love it better than my sbish fitted.
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