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Talk to me about competitive gymnastics --another update

So, my youngest started in ballet/tap when she was 3. She did 4 years of dance and this year (at 7) decided that she wanted to branch out and try gymnastics. Over the summer, we tried an 8 week recreational class and she had fun, so we signed her up for a 1x a week advanced beginner class.

Well, today, after only 5 weeks, I was approached by the head coach asking if she would like to join the level 3 pre-team. I honestly don't know anything about gymnastics and levels, etc. My daughter definitely loves what she's doing and I don't want to hold her back. However, we are looking at going from 1 hour a week at a cost of about $150 for 3 months to 2 two hour sessions a week at a cost of $120 a month. The money isn't an issue (although there is also almost $300 in additional initial expenses in terms of team leos and meet fees, etc.).

Honestly, I think that there are a couple of girls in her current class who are more advanced than she is, although I think that some of them may have been attending for longer. I think part of what the coach sees is my daughter's desire and also the balance and technique that comes from her dance training. Part of me also wonders if they are simply looking to fill space in their pre-team and she fits some profile they are looking for.

Our plan is to try a couple of sessions with the pre-team kids and see whether it is too much for her. I don't want her to become frustrated or overwhelmed. She says she wants to be in the olympics

Anyway, I'm looking for thoughts on moving from purely rec gymnastics to the early competitive stages. Are we in for total craziness? We have 2 older boys who are very involved in their sports and Scouts, so we are used to lots of activity and juggling schedules, etc. That aspect doesn't worry me. We are just used to team activities or non-competitive dance. So, the whole individual gymnastics is exciting and scary.

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