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Re: Tips to get the most milk?

Ok well since typing this I found out that the pump I was using was having some issues. The motor was going out so the speed was too low which made me have to turn the suction up. I have since traded it out with a new one from WIC and the pain has dropped a ton. I also spoke with one of the LC's and she got me a larger phalange size which helps with the comfort as well. My nipples are no longer scraping the sides though I am still getting a "skin ring" from where my areola rubs. I don't know if that means I need an even bigger size.

I am pumping every 2-3 hrs all day and every 4 hrs at night. Every time my son wakes to eat I pump. It doesn't seem to matter much how long I wait to pump though, I generally get a little less than 1 oz per hour. He is now eating 3 oz per feeding and we are having to give 1 bottle of formula a day because I am like 2 oz shy per day of his consumption :-(. I am drinking non stop it seems but then again I feel like I never have time so maybe I need to drink more, I can always try!

I will look into goats rue but acupuncture is not gonna happen for me. I mean, I want to give him exclusive breastmilk but I despise needles and freak out at the thought of acupuncture.

It was recommended I drink a beer a day to help increase and help relax me. I can't stand beer which is why I started with the brewers yeast but I discovered last night that I like Corona with extra lime. I drank one last night and I have noticed a bit of an increase today. It could be coincidental but we shall see.

I will take a look at that video and maybe try the heat, I always massage my breasts before starting and then I keep pumping after the milk has stopped because sometimes it triggers another let down. I would love to stop having to use the little bit of formula but I feel like I have so much against me (I also have a thyroid condition to add to it). I am not giving up till the fat lady sings especially since for him breastmilk could mean less ear infections and therefore less hearing loss and developmental delays since babies with cleft palates tend to get alot of fluid and need tubes which caused speech delays due to not hearing well early on. I feel like its so important for all babies but even more so for my very special little DS. He just turned a month old today and has only had 8 oz of formula so far in his life so I feel like given the circumstances we have been successful. I just wish we could eliminate it all together.
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