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Re: So what's the difference? (CIO related)

my take, even though i'm pretty new to all this! - is that if something's not working, we try something else. anything - chances are it will be better than whatever's not working!

we kept thinking our DD's bedtime should be early, so after 7 pm we were keeping lights low, being upstairs, doing quiet time. she would just cry and cry and cry until about 9 when she would nurse and go to sleep. we finally decided that we were giving up on the early bedtime, and instead started talking long evening walks, then doing bathtime, then reading and then nursing... and she happily goes down to sleep between 9 and 9:30 every night. She just wanted to be up for a while longer and I think was horribly bored upstairs and not tired enough to go down! (She is now typically awake from 5 or so until she goes down for the night - a long time for a 4 mo old, but it's how she's happy!)

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