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Re: Ways you make money...

Originally Posted by jessandkaitlin View Post
Besides doing all the frugal things (cutting down our grocery budget, making laundry detergent, bartering, etc) to save us money. I also do emergency babysitting for a couple families. I take the kids pretty much last minute when other sitters are sick, mom got called into work early, etc. I don't make a whole lot doing it but I could never have extra kids on an everyday basis. No way! Just not in my personality. I also do Avon, which really isn't bringing me in too much extra but I am getting the products that we use for free by using my profits to buy them at a discount (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc)

In the summer months the kids and I pick up aluminum cans on the side of the road when we go for walks and turn them in for cash. It's not much but it helps.
We do the recycling thing too. We hit cash for cans on our way to the library (So we're not wasting gas on the way). Then we save all pop cans and bottles that have a 5 cent deposit. My folks live on the NY border and they do 5 cents in NY state. So I'm save them all up to take to my parents and they will take to NY when they go. lol They usually go there every few months shopping anyways.
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