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Belated "SHE'S HERE"

Violet Aurora Anne was born 10/25/11!!!
6lbs even

Had a great delivery (csection) and both I and Violet are doing great.

Found out the next morning that my grandma was star flighted the night before to a hospital an hour away for excessive bleeding. Docs predicted she would not make it through the night.

It was HORRIBLE, very close to my grandmother and I was stuck in the hospital not knowing if she was alive or not.

I had arranged for my mother to spend the week watching the kids but with Grandma in the hospital she had to be with her. My brother watched my two older children one night but had to return to work, I ended up leaving the hospital early so I could be home with my family and watch the kids while DH was at work. Kinda rough on my body but nothing could be done.

My fabulous in laws were gone for the week to FL, even though they knew I was having the baby THAT week, they planned a family vacation and made me and DH feel guilty for 'getting pregnant' and 'having her then'.

To make a long story short, my Grandmother improved, after a week of 'shes dying' from the doctors. And came home yesterday afternoon. Shes tired and weak but doing well.

More in law drama. DH was guilted into helping them work on their house today. Cause he's a terrible good for nothing son that owes them his life's blood. Sorry...not sure if thats pp hormones talking or what...just really sick of the whole treatment they give him.

MIL NEVER asks, she demands like we have nothing else going on. Cause we just sit around our place waiting for them to call and give us something to do.

It doesnt help that DD is only 11 days old, Im still hurting from the c section and yet I have to be ok with DH helping them. We have three children, 3, 2 and our NB. She NEVER offers to help with them, or help me around the house. But DH has to drop everything to help them.

BIL never helps, if he 'doesnt feel like it' its ok, but if DH says he cant we are nothing but garbage and self centered.

I escaped to my folks for the day, not really helping, still pretty depressed, who needs pp depression when you have all lifes joys to deal with?

Oh well, Violet is perfect, DS and DD are wonderful with her and Im healthy and healing well. Grandma is recovering, and I have plenty to be grateful for.
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