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Re: What is considered a larger family!?

We started hearing comments of being a large family when we had 4 kids and since we had 3 boys first, then a girl, everyone would comment that since we got our girl that would be it, as if that was our objective. When #5 came along, we got more comments. At first it annoyed me but learned to play along. So when I was pregnant with my sixth, the usual conversation goes...

Is that your first?
No. This is my sixth.
Gasps! sixth?!! My you have a large family!
So, you had normal deliveries?
Hmmm (eyes getting bigger).How many were c-section?
All c-section.
Gasps and looks like about to faint or will hold chest.

Now that we have six, we are on the border of being a large family, no more extra seats on our mini van.
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