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Re: What is considered a larger family!?

I hear you! We are expecting # 5 and the looks we get are hilarious!! People seem to lose their minds when it comes to pregnant people and fertility issues. We have a set of triplets that are 7 and we get asked questions about whether they were "natural" triplets. Sometimes I want to tell them that "No they are aliens". We also get the well I'm sure you're done now speech all the time or I get the "you do know how this happens don't you" speech (I'm an L/D nurse). People ask us all kinds of questions that are none of their business all the time. My DH is a SAH Dad and I work full time plus we homeschool, so we get a lot of people who just b/c they don't understand our family, but we love them all!!!

I totally agree with the thought that most people's priorities have changed from family to possessions and "keeping up with the Jones". My parents were obsessed with "giving us everything they never had" and were too busy to enjoy our childhood. So our goal is to soak up every moment with our kiddos while they are little.
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