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Re: How to teach a toddler...

I really think it is the age they are at. My Dd and my friends DS were both like that at that age(they are 6 wks apart in age). My friend had a good way to deal with it, she put the toy in question in time out. If it can't be played w/ properly the toy got put on top of the frige and was in timeout for the rest of the day (or how ever long you see fit). It worked for her. At the time she had a younger child as well, but my Dd was an only child at that time so we didn't have those issues except when we were with them. I thought it was effective. I hope it helps or you find something that does at least. but I really think this is a stage they go through. I bet you could check DR sears website and he would have something to say about it.

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