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Re: Mean Mommies

Originally Posted by babycat42 View Post
How do you deal with mean mommies?
I wrote this at three in the morning so my thoughts are out of order.
I joined a new moms group and of course one of the first thing I start talking about is cloth diapers. I mention my gigantic stash and how I went waay over board and have lots of cheap diapers to sell. Not all in one post but as it became relevant to the thread. She contacted me to buy some of the diapers and then chewed me out about selling on her board. (I also posted the diapers for sale on craigslist and she tried to buy them from me there too.) After the way she spoke to me I wasn't going to sell her any of my diapers.
After a few weeks the the mom who started the group decided that she didn't want anyone selling anything in "her" group. Anytime anyone posts anything that she doesn't like she deletes the post. She allows her friends to post what I would call ads for things like photography and other businesses.
I posted about a flea market this weekend. I was not the first to post about this particular flea market. I just mentioned that I would be there and what I was bringing IE: Tons of cloth diapers. People start asking what diapers am I bringing. I don't post any more about what I am selling.
Previous she claimed that I had a cloth diaper business.
She posts again "No sales threads."
I post on her thread saying this is a mom's group not your private group. You need to respect the wants of everyone in the group not just what you personally want. Several other mom's post saying that they agree with me.
She responds with well if you don't like it make your own group. More people disagree with her.
I post that since she is always talking about how much money she has that she doesn't understand what it is like to be poor. That sometimes you need new things for your kids and you don't have any money to buy new things but you have some things your kids have outgrown and you would love to sell or even trade these things with other moms. She deletes my posts and all the posts where people are agreeing with me. No one posts supporting her. I was angry that she kept deleting posts so I posted about how she has so much money that you don't need to worry about selling things that she will buy the things you need because she is loaded. She deleted that post. I posted Tyrant dictator and another mom posts yep. And we both get booted from the group.
The mom that started the group is pretty much the only one that posts new threads. I think that the other moms in the group are either afraid to post or she just keeps deleting all of their posts.
I think that she needs to be called out for her actions.
I don't want to act childish about it (although the post about her buying the thing you need was very childish of me)
What would you do?
Post about when you have encountered a mean mommy.

I what I think is the saddest is that lots of moms are joining the group and mommy groups are not very common around here. There are a few very cliquey play groups that snub you completely if you attend to join them. I think most moms just want other moms to hang out with and playmates for the kids. But these few mean women ruin it for the majority of us.
Make your own group , problem solved
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