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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

Hugs to all of you who have lost!

Dh and I got pregnant easily with our first two. No problems. After ds we couldn't get pregnant. We very actively ttc for 18 months, including all kinds of fertility treatments (except IVF) with no pregnancy. So, we decided to adopt internationally. We were still not using any bc during that time. Well, an adoption process that should have taken 9 months to a year took 2 years. And, after spending $50,000, two trips to Russia and falling in love with our twin girls, we lost them. When we got home we went right into IVF. We produced 3 beautiful embryos and implanted all three. We got a BPF and then were told we would miscarry. Well, that "miscarraige" turned 6 months on May 6th. If all that wasn't enough, we found out April 18 that I was pregnant with an ectopic and my belly was full of blood. I was rushed into surgery. How we got pregnant while I was EBF and after 3.5 years of ttc, who knows.

I am healing well, but emotionally I am still a little bruised. That little baby was so wanted. Now we have no clue if we'll ever get pregnant again and if we do we will be worried about an ectopic. And we are having to prevent pregnancy right now which just seems crazy, but I understand why. In 2 or 3 months we are going to do an HSG to see if there's any tubal damage.

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