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Re: Who here lets their school age child have a little freedom?

Just wanted to say that I understand not letting your kids out of your site, so I am not trying to say you are doing your kids a big disservice.

I do still think that it is beneficial to my dd to have a little freedom. By a little freedom, I mean I let her walk the 1/2 a block to a friends house- she calls me when she gets there and before she leaves to come home. She goes to the Dollar store near our house and usually takes the cell phone with her with our number programmed in so she can hit send twice and get us. Can you tell I struggle with letting her go/protecting her?

I also let he do little errands, like she will pay for the gas at the gas station or take my packages in to the PO with me parked right in front of the door (these things are partly due to the fact she has 3 siblings 3 and under, so dragging them all out to hand a 20 to the gas station clerk is a PITA, lol)

Anyway, I wish I could comfortably give my kids more freedom than I do!
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