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LOTS of girly wool......

make this easy...... we're giving up on cloth after about a year because of chronic rash problems. I recently found the wool love and am heartbroken to see it go. Well, I'm sad to see everything go.

All measurements were taken at rest, and I tried to be generous with them. (i.e. some may be closer to 8.5 but i listed 8i.) Everything is going into the bath tonight and will be dried over the next few days. I have best-friends, Bermuda triangle, and monkey farts ENI wool wash and lanolin spray, so they will come in one of those scents. I'll also give everything a good shave. I'll ship as soon as they're dry.

All items come from a smoke free pet friendly home.

woollybottoms footies. Rainbow. size SM(maybe sm/md). 14" waist with TONS of stretch,16+"r, 8.5"i. $22PPD SOLD

Patons. enclosed I-cord. 20"h, 18"r, 3"i $22PPD

Robot Rock. 17"h, 16"r, 1"i (these were a tester piece so knitting isnt perfect). $20PPD

Family Roots Smarties. (merino) No i-cord or elastic. 16"h with TONS of stretch, 17"r, and total length of skirt from top to bottom is 10". $50PPD

Patons 16"r, 19"h, 1.5"i $20PPD

unknown base. very thick! i think it bleeds, its big so she only wore it once. can be GN. 24"h, 17+"r, 5.5"i $22PPD

patons. 15"r, 16"h, 6"i (including ruffle) $20PPD SOLD

Interlock Airplane Longies. BoBo Bum Creations. Bought these (off FSOT) as a Christmas gift for DD and she never even wore them. I considered keeping them, but keeping wool will just make me miss all my CD's more. 18"w, 18"r, 8+"i $37PPD

EB springtidings by ameliaandmacies boutique (i think) There are a couple flaws such as missed stitches here and there and that there was a couple inches added to the rise from the waist band, 22"h, 16"r, 10"i. Doesnt affect function. $45PPD SOLD

Patons. enclosed I-cord. 20"h, 17"r, 9"i $35PPD SOLD

Sarah: Jesus loving wife to Jason Proud Mama to my IVF miracle, Elizabeth 8/15/08

For Sale: YARN WOOL AIO/AI2 Fitteds PFs ISO

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