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My in laws are college educated. Mil in early childhood development. Fil has a masters degree. All of their children but one are varying degrees of overweight. Dh is 6'2" and 250. He has a very muscular frame, but will admit that he's heavier than he should be. The second son is average height and weight. His metabolism and body type are just different than the rest. Son #3 is 5'11" and has been close to 400 pounds at times. Right now he's probably 280-300. These are the adult children.

Bil #4 is 15 and is overweight. 5'7" and around 190. Bil #5 is 12, 5'2" and weighs 175. Neither of them get exercise. They eat all processed crap because mil doesn't like to cook. They don't eat veggies. They mostly live on milk, yogurt, and processed foods. They get heavier every year. The youngest has breasts and is developing dark rings on the back of his neck that are a sign of prediabetes. Neither my mil nor my fil are concerned. They're just big growing boys. In reality no 12 year old should have a triple chin.

Both mil and fil are overweight. Mil had bypass surgery a little over two years ago. Once she figured out she could eat everything she ate before she gained all the weight back.

The weight problem in our society isn't just about being poorly educated or not understanding how foods work in our bodies. It's laziness and a growing number of people who think that being overweight is "normal" now.
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