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Originally Posted by SamanthaSews View Post
It is hard to function with so little sleep. Which is why we sit in front of the tv so much.

This morning we are up early, bc when Caden woke up at 4am DH gave him an OreoAnd stuck his iPhone in his face! Whose going to sleep with chocolate & a show in their face?! Then he wonders why he isn't going to back sleep?! And now I'm the one up & will pay with a cranky toddler all day who didn't get enough sleep!

This is why DH & I argue all the time, bc he doesn't think & he is a push over parent. I always have to be the bad guy & lay down the law. I'm sick of it!

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I know I wouldn't sleep if I was were him with that in my face. Do you use white noise in his room? We turn a radio to static for Rylee. I used it to drown out noise and such. It helps a lot.

I feel like I'm always the bad guy here too. I seem to be the one doing all the punishment and not fun parent stuff and since he works, he gets all the fun play time.

We're having an awful day here. She's so whiny and not listening. She's pushing every button. Then I get angry and yell and then she cries and then I cry. It's just a bad day. DH left at 7:15 this morning and won't be home until 8:30 or so, so he left before she woke and will be home after she's already in bed. I loathe days like this. They happen at least once a week.

DH's cousin is coming over this afternoon for a play date. She has a son 8 months younger than Rylee. Hopefully after nap time we'll be in better moods.

I hope your day isn't as bad as ours. In an attempt to cool off we're camped in front of the TV watching The Aristocats on Netflix.

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