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Appointment Weekly Discussion 1/15-1/21

January 16th
aliciacsun-OB appointment
crunchymom2b-dating u/s

January 17
crunchymom2b-dating u/s

January 18th
boogamama-1st appointment and maybe u/s
badmisterkitty-OB intake
luvallmykids-OB with possible u/s

January 20th
tazzae/Tara-RE appointment and U/S

January 23rd
andyoly82-Genetics meeting
LivingSimplyNM-1st appointment
My3Sons-OB appointment and hoping for an u/s
jeremysprincess-1st dr. visit and u/s

January 26th
marthathecakelady-2nd appointment

January 27th
jc12551/Jessica-physical at MW

January 30th

January 31st
crunchymom2b-1st prenatal with a np
andyoly82-1st Dr. appointment
mmbreb-u/s and meet with dr.

February 1st
My3Sons-1st mw appointment
pkaskaggs-1st mw appointment with u/s

First week of February
tazzae/tara-Last RE appointment and u/s

February 2nd
Beaner's Mom/Beth-1st midwife appointment
RunawayBunny-Regular checkup

February 6th
crunchymom2b-1st CNM appointment
steenerson7-dr. appointment

February 9th
tazzae/tara-1st OB appointment
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