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NEW here :) 1 yr old gags/pukes HATES FOOD, loves boobie

lol anyways im new in this discussion....

im not 'too' worried, my daughter (3 yrs) is extremely picky..had a hard time with her on eating too...

my son, is now a year old, still mostly only BF...
i try to get him to eat a lot of different things, but he only ever eats a TINY little bit of something when he does eat..he likes to play with food but that is about it. if he gets a chunk of something or like has more than 3 grains of rice at one time he gags and is horrible...
he really hates premade baby food of any sort so i just give him whatever we are having...

what are some good ways to encourage him to actually eat more food? and anything that can help to inhibit this gagging/puking...some days i dont even want to have him try stuff because i feel bad and dont want him puking
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