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Different amounts from each breast?

I have been pumping for five months for my preemie. I was lucky to have a very good supply despite her early birth and a c-section - I got between 35 and 40 oz per day while she was in the hospital (4 and a half months) and I'm now getting between 25 and 30 oz per day (the last three weeks - the stress of being at home with her, I guess). I pump five times a day - shortly before she came home the inhouse lactation consultant helped me get down to a manageable schedule.

The weird thing though is that I'm getting such different amounts - my left breast used to slightly outproduce my right, but now my right will produce 3-4 oz in a session and the left will produce one, maybe one and a half. It doesn't switch up at a later pumping, and it never feels full anymore, either.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions for getting it back up to speed? I really can't pump any more frequently, unfortunately - I wish I could work it in but trying to do that while caring for a medically fragile infant made me almost quit pumping entirely. I eat oatmeal and other milk-helping foods, avoid the bad stuff, drink lots of water - it's just weird that it's so one-sided!
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