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Babysitting 3 kids for 2 weeks 24/7--24 hours down

24 Hours In & This is what's up:

The kids are:
3 yo Sophie is potty trained but was in diapers at night until a few days ago, Mom said she stayed dry the last few nights, & she peed the bed the first night here, so back into diapers for her,
5 yo Jack(hormone deficient, gets a shot at night, peeing randomly sometimes wets the bed, sometimes just pees his pants, was potty trained, sneaks food & sweets, the size of a 2 yo) who is in diapers at night as well, but stayed dry last night,
and 6 1/2 yo Chloe (smart, but spoiled) Little Miss Know It All.

The guest room is 100% babyproofed, but the rest of the house isn't yet. Chloe & Jack are sharing the full & Sophie is sleeping in the pack n play. We have 3 dogs & they are bringing their german sheperd, TigerLily. So there will be 2 large dogs(1 yo Wazowski, 3 yo Lily), 1 large breed puppy (12 wk. old Rosie), and 1 small dog (16 yo Blondie).

No nap yesterday because of the running made for some fussy babies by 7 pm. I am going to try an early in the day nap (instead of 6 pm like mom does) so we can be not-so-cranky but still go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I need any parenting tips, strategies, or advice for keeping them happy, fed, and well rested at night.

So far the rules we have established are:
1. No running or screaming. This excites the dogs which is dangerous.
2. Do not unmake the beds after I spent 10 minutes making them.
3. Clean up all toys before leaving the bedroom/playroom. (No toys in living room unless its a family time. I can't have the dogs chewing up toys & I'm not leaving the dogs outside when its 90something.)
4. You must use good manners (May I & Please) if you want something.
5. No bossing or hitting or tattling. (These were Mom's rules, they just carry over.)

What do you think?
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