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Re: *Another* vax thread-Need help for aptmt tomorrow

Originally Posted by Raquelita
You don't have to present evidence to your dr. You just need to say "We're not going to vaccinate today, we will do it at a later time" and just keep repeating that if they try to pressure you. Don't get involved in a discussion about it b/c you'll feel pressure to cave.

And fwiw, I will never give my kids more than 1 vax at a time per visit.

Our plan as of now is to do no vaxes until 6 months-1 year, and the just one vax per visit. We will delay the MMR until age 2-3, the ck pox until age 8-12 if they don't get natural immunity, and the hep b vax until age 12ish. HTH!
That does help! Thank you!!
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