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Originally Posted by meeshkasheeba
Mostly Wanderlust covered it. Also though, you should not microwave in plastic because of the dioxin released. Dioxin is in all kinds of things. Feminine products, any bleached paper products, plastics, and so on. There have been a few studies done on this and I'm not willing to take chances. I also avoid processed soy products as best I can because it can raise you estrogen levels and estrogen is what feeds the endo. I am recently gluten free to help with the pain. There are also lots of suggestions that you should avoid processed sugars and dairy, and even goat meat to help the pain but I don't know that it will help you if you don't really have symptoms other than fertility issues.

If you have been TTC for a while ask your gyn if they will do another hsg.
Thank you. I am older and have signs of estrogen dominance so soy for me. I'm trying so hard to eat better.
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