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Re: Handwashing diapers.

Originally Posted by BiscuitFarmer View Post
Thank you for all the suggestions! I haven't tried a wet pail... I'm hesitant to. I've heard they're a breeding ground for bacteria, and I have a toddler running around and I don't have a place to put it that she can't get to. I'll soak them overnight in the vinegar. I can still boil the inserts, but I just remember that the biggest part of our inserts have snaps on them! I'll dawn those... that seems to work a bit. I just can't do that all the time.
Oops, saw this after i posted.
You can boil snaps. I have and it didnt affect them. I wouldnt do it for a long time but I have done it for 10mins. I used to be more paranoid about stuff from fsot
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