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Re: Handwashing diapers.

Originally Posted by BiscuitFarmer View Post
The problem is the microfiber inserts. And maybe the hemp inserts we have. That's where the ammonia smell is trapped.
I found that even in the washing machine the nightime BG Microfiber inserts would hold in the smell. What fixed that issue for me was doing a wet pail just for the nighttime inserts with a squirt of bac-out. For a wet pail i use a shoe box size storage container with snap on lid on the bathroom sink. We've been using this method for about 2 years. For nighttime we use one MF and one hemp insert, they both go in the WP and the cover in the wet bag with the wipes and daytime diapers.

We only needed it to hold 4 or so nighttime inserts before washtime so the small wet pail worked... if its the majority of your stash you might need something bigger (or just get an old bowl and try it with a few (marked) to see if it will help you).

Something to consider.

If you didn't have issues with the Ecos you might want to go back to what works.
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