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Re: Tantrum advice please.

We see a psychologist for my DS. He throws with the best of them. He's ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). He was diagnosed when he was 3.

Our psychologist says walk away. Every bit of attention, even negative attention, reinforces the behavior. We are literally to leave the room, making no eye contact or warnings of any kind.

If you are still dealing with multiple tanturms a day at 5, I would consider a family/pediatric therapist. We started seeing one when DS was 2.5, and it helps a lot. It helped me feel validated, it helped us sit down and plan strategies to deal with him, and it helped DH and I get on the same page with daycare (nanny attends the sessions too). It is definitely worth the time. Eventually, DS's issues were beyond our therapist, and we moved on to a psychologist who is working under a psychiatrist so we can medicate him, and she has more experience. There still is no magic cure, and we have ups and downs. But things are better, and DH and I are doing better too. It can put a huge strain on your marriage!

As far as the grocery store---DH and I go together. That way, one of us can deal with him (or the 2 year old) at all times. We are a "family outing" kind of family, so usually we all go on Sunday afternoons.
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