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Re: Quick meals for a single student mom

Originally Posted by CDFreak View Post
Thanks so much! The thing I find hard is using meat in every meal.. I often buy it but it always goes to waste because I just forget I am deffinately going to cook and freeze..

With pasta - how much oil do I add?

I have tried cooking a whole chicken in a slow cooker and it just fell apart - i must have cooked it to long?

I would like to try and find thing I can cook at home then have left overs for luches to take to school [i have access to heat them up] to save $$
I have the same problem with the meat, that's why I started doing this. I was getting mad with forgetting to cook something and then having to throw it out and waste my money. This works so much better for us.

For the pasta add just enough oil to LIGHTLY coat it. So it doesn't stick together when you reheat it. (I don't measure usually so I don't know exactly)

The chicken is SUPPOSED to fall apart I don't have a crockpot right now, but when I cook mine on the stovetop I generally just cook it until it starts falling apart when I poke it. You just pick the meat off the bones. If there is any broth left in the bottom you can strain out the bones and stuff and save the broth (either freeze or use quickly) instead of buying broth at the store.

Whenever I cook supper I try to cook extra so that we can eat it for lunch the next day. Or if it's leftover meat you can turn it into a sandwich.
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