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Question Those of you who've used 'no-cry' sleep solution (Pantley)

Seeking advice on implementation. I read the book, but was never really clear about whether the prop would be able to be completely 'removed' or not. I read that now her boy removes himself and falls asleep, but I would like to get rid of nursing as the prop altogether. If I don't, my husband is never able to put 5 mo. old DD down for naps when I'm gone without an hour of crying.
I've been using the pull-out method for the last couple of days, but there again I'm still using the breast to drift off close to sleep. Those of you that have successfully done this method- are you now able to set the child down without offering a paci, nursing, bottle, etc. beforehand? I'm also trying to move full meal eating to after waking instead of before sleeping, but she's not doing well with that. I tried Baby Whisperer's pick-up, put down, but that did not work so far. I do like her aspect of having the meal after waking up, even if I don't stick to her 'schedule'.
One more question- regarding the same for naps, have you tried Pantley's method (go in there 10 minutes before waking from naps and soothe when you see child stirring) of extending naps? Since the BW's pick up, put down method isn't working, I'm afraid her shush-pat 'waking to sleep' method will not work, either.
Just looking for reassurance and experiences that either of these methods *do* work! Thanks!
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