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Not single now but I was a single mom for 4 years, and I know lots of mamas here have been single in the past if they aren't now.
Dropping in just to offer moral support and also for those that want to be in a relationship... It is possible! Happily married now for nine years.

Also, for those in school, it depends on the professor, but it's always worth telling the prof what's up and many of them will do their best to be flexible and understanding. I would treat class like a job and send an email letting them know you will be absent and why. Also... Some time in the first class or two make sure you exchange info with another student and them ask them for notes, etc if you have to miss. Being proactive that way makes a good impression. Better not to ask the prof what happened in class - that's like "I couldn't be bothered so why don't you go through the while thing again" and makes the prof less likely to want to be understanding.

Some schools offer childcare assistance and/or backup care to students. Find out if your school has anything like that.

Don't be shy about asking for help. People like to be helpful and it's actually a good way to make friends, but do pay attention to back and forth... You don't want to be always asking the same person and not giving back.

I was single from birth to 4. I was lucky the first mine months as my dad helped me out so I could stay home and then I lived on student loans and CS. I had a campus job and my office had a sofa so when dd was sick sometimes I could just bring her with me.
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