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help me make sense of this

Cycle experts please explain what happened. I know next week I will be laughing about this, and in a month it will be adorable. But right now I feel totally out of control of the universe.

I've been using fertility friend for over a year, and abstaining for the week of ovulation has been our single only form of birth control during that time. My cycle is consistently forty days long, give or take a couple days. At the end of August the calendar said I was ovulating, right on time, and hubby and I decided to go for it. 9 days later I had a positive pregnancy test. Yay!

Now... today I had my ultrasound. I should be 12 weeks based on that ovulation date. Ladies, according to the ultrasound tech I'm over 14 weeks.

I want to cry. This baby just went from a vacation spur of the moment passion baby to a total oops. I know it's funny and awesome. But I also feel like an idiot. And I feel totally confused. What the heck happened!?

ETA: To clarify, the due date I'm concerned about was calculated by ultrasound measurement, not by LMP.

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