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Originally Posted by canadianbakers

At 20 weeks it is normal for baby to be, really, in any position - there's still lots of fluid and room in there for them to swim and move around in. Come another 6-10 weeks, and, at least for me, if baby was head down they stayed that way and if they weren't (ahem, DS2), they stayed that way as well.
But even that's not a real "rule". Truly, baby has room to flip and turn up until 36 weeks or so, and still could move (though it's not very comfortable at all for mama, from what I've heard) up until birth.
This baby is definitely sideways! Haha. You can distinctly feel a head on the left and a butt/legs (when he kicks) on the right. The head is slightly lower, but for the most part he's totally crooked. Lol

I had something weird happen tonight! Baby seemed to stretch (I could feel his feet off to the right) and then I had like a weird half contraction... It felt like a contraction, but it seemed to be isolated to the very lowest part of my uterus??... It was nothing at all like the BH I have been having, and even DH felt it and was a little weirded out. When we palpated, it was like soft, pliable uterus, you could feel a little bit of baby here and there, and once you got to like the lowest 25% it was hard as a rock! Like my whole uterus would be during a normal contraction. This happened twice and that was it. How strange?! Does anyone know what this was? Pardon my ignorance :S

Also - I think we might have finally chosen a name! now we have to decide if we are going to tell anyone (IRL... Hehe ). Baby's first name is my maternal grandfather's middle name, so it is definitely an emotionally "loaded" name...

Galen Alexander Hunt.

We haven't decided which name he will go by yet... Obviously we don't get to determine that forever but I try to keep as many people as possible from calling Gabriel "Gabe" (ugh... Southerners, always trying to shorten/nickname stuff! Lol). DH is a little more comfortable with, say "Alex", obviously, but I am very attached to Galen. I miss him so much! I wish he was around to see my little family. I'm so glad DH appreciated me wanting to use his name. Really, really, even MORE than I was before excited to meet this little guy! Every "milestone" makes it a little more real, kwim?
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