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Re: *LOOKIE* A FS0T Checklist & Helpful Hints *LOOKIE*

I know this sticky hasn't been posted on in a long time, but I have something to add.

As a seller, when you've been communicating with your first potential buyer, but haven't finalized the details - don't sell to someone else just because they pop in and want your PayPal address. At the very least, give your first contact the opportunity to buy. Then if you don't reach an agreement, that's fine. Hard to find items will generate a lot of interest, but Spot's and eBay are the places to go for auctions. And yes, giving a buyer your e-mail address for PayPal is the same as agreeing to sell to them.

This may seem like common courtesy, but it happened to me today. As a potential buyer, I was very disappointed to say the least, and it's left a bad taste in my mouth. Just want to spare others this experience!
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