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Re: Excersize and diet while BF

I am currently exercising and dieting while BFing. My diet consists of lots of protein, veggies, fruits, and minimal processed carbs. I make sure to eat enough calories, and on days when I cannot seem to meet that, I drink a juice smoothie (made from fruits and veggies with no added sugars). I exercise almost daily with runs and circuit training.

So a typical day is:

-Breakfast: egg whites or a Naked Green Machine smoothie
-Lunch: salad with skinless chicken breast and egg whites
-snack: almonds/pistachios, smoothie
-Dinner: fish with veggies
-snack: apple or air popped popcorn
Water intake: at least half my weight or more in oz.

Exercise: 3 mile run or half an hour circuit training at home

Just don't let yourself get too hungry and take your vitamins as well. And keep hydrated with water.

ETA: I also wanted to add that while bfing, you also experience a ravenous appetite at times. You can give into it, but choose healthy options.

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