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Re: Am I overreacting?

Originally Posted by Whits01 View Post
This is frustrating...
It seems to me that their wedding weekend and "reunion" with their friends is more important than the baptism and it makes me sad.

The day that's better for them, the priest we want isn't available.
The day that DH is off of work, they'd rather not come back up here for the baptism.

Seems all-in-all, it's a no-win

ETA: Neither of them has a part in the wedding.
I'm sorry you're frustrated but remember they are coming for the wedding first. I know she suggested to do it that weekend but still the wedding would still be first in her mind, kwim?

I'd do it the day she wants that way everyone can be there. I understand the priest you want won't be there but is that more important than your family? You only have a couple of other options:

1. Pick other godparents, as pp mentioned the catholic church only requires 1 to be of faith.

2. Pick another weekend were they can come out, if they can't come out choose a stand in for the ceremony and they can still be listed as godparents.

3. Do it Labor day weekend and use a stand in.

I hope it works out.
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