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What's in your NB stash...

Ok, so I am SURE this has been talked about over and over again. Frankly though, I just don't have the time to go looking through all of the old threads as I am to be studying for my IBCLC exam that is on Monday!

So, what do you all have in your NB/little stage stashes. My older 2 boys never reached 12lbs probably until like 4-6 months so they were small and still are. So I am looking for things that will fit smaller babies. I have some items, but need to get more and I just can't decide on what to get. THis is what I have so far...

Tot Bot Tiny Fits (aplix, etc. for daycare use)
Blueberry Mini OS
NB Muttaquin Baby's fitteds
-think that is pretty much it

I am contemplating on if I should get some of the following...

prefolds in premie/NB (have some GMD in yellow and red edge for bigger sizes)
possibly some more Blueberry mini's
Best Bottoms in the size smalls

What do you all think? I am just so scattered brained right now. I SHOULD be studying for my test on Monday and not be on here...So I am just looking for some more advice! Thanks!
Katie, married to Aaron(6/04). PT NICU nurse, FT mommy to Cameron(9/29/07) & Channing(4/8/10) & Creighton 9/21/11
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Re: What's in your NB stash...

I don't have any advice because this will be my first time cd'ing a newborn but so far I have....

33 rearz better than organic prefolds (need to be prepped)
6 bg xs aio's for night times
2 knit wool soakers
5 Green line covers that I've heard that you can get down to nb size (but havent tried it yet)

Thats about it, I think we'll try to stay pretty simple and see how things go.

Oh and 3 packs of 7th gen sposies (for hubby and to use until meconium is gone)
Erin, proud wife to former hubby Tom since 11-19-05, RN, Soggy- trying to be green & thrifty, pro-vaxing Mama to DD Jocelin "Joie" (BF to age 2) since 8-5-07 & Landon since 10-19-11
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Re: What's in your NB stash...

I'm waiting on a baby to show up any day now and my newborn stash is all ready to go. Its a super simple stash but that is my favorite kind, it keeps me from feeling overwhelmed postpartum.

36 NB Imagine prefolds
24 small Imagine prefolds
8 NB Bummis Superbrite covers
6 Thirsties duos size 1 covers
8 S Bummis Superbrite covers
5 BG 4.0 aplix pockets stuffed w/ size 1 Thirsties prefolds (for nights after the first few weeks)

I'm planning on mostly trifolding unless I have a baby that poops more than my others did. I tend to have babies that poop a tiny bit each change (plus a big explosion once a day lol), which means we need tons of diapers but we shouldn't need a new cover each change. I don't mind using a snappi if needed but I'd prefer not if we can get away with it.
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Re: What's in your NB stash...

I'm due soon with #2.

My stash:

24 infant pfs
9 fitteds
about 8-10 covers: xs, s, and size 1, prowraps, thirsties and wool
Jessica, Married to John since 9/04, Mom to DS Michael since 6/08 and DD Quinn since 8/11.
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Re: What's in your NB stash...

This is my "keep" box.
24 OVC, Sherpa or Bamboo Preflats
1o Diaperaps Covers
2 Thirsties Duo 1 Covers
3 Fleece Covers
24 Teeny Tiny Doublers

24 Fitteds:
11 SKC
1 KL0 Limited Edition
8 Diva Made
2 Clothmo 0
2 Penguin Diapers from eBay

I also have the following which is not pictured:
30 GMD Periwinkles
3 Embellished GMD Orange Edge (Sweet Pea Boutique)
Unknown WAHM embellished PFs
24 Additional Fitteds (15 BG Bamboo, Assorted WAHM)
2 Magicall AIO

6 FB with Aplix

And this is the preemie stash, a WIP:

4 Mother Goose Fitteds
2 Fleece Soakers
30 Dyed Preemie Prefolds
15 Embellished Prefolds
1 The Cat's Meow Pocket
36 Single Ply Wipes

I've since added:
24 Bummis Organic PFs
12 fitteds from CL - unknown WAHM, half aplix, half pinable
12 Firefly fitteds - 5 are night diapers
6 Preemie Nanas AIO
6 Bummis SuperBrite Covers

Still ISO:
more covers and HH Preemie AIOs
And IDDDSO ATD Preemie AIOs with the snap-front. I missed them on FSOT.
NYC transplant. Seminarian. Mama to 2 big girls. Aunt to 7 great kids. Nanny to a spitfire!

IDSO: Noro Sekku in Citrus, Lilac, Sand. Please.
ISO: BG sized AIOS in working condition AND Imagine Flats in Tree Friends print.
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Re: What's in your NB stash...

We had mostly Lil joeys and XS BGs. I liked them both, but really liked the Lil Joeys for the beginning. My dd was born at 7lb 10oz and at 8 wks is almost 12lbs. A little chunker lol She is almost too small for the lil joeys now though. I say that if you tend to have babies on the smaller side then they will be perfect.
My whole nb stash was
12 XS bgs
12 Lil Joeys
6 Nb Grovia
2 Doodle dypes
and that was always plenty of diapers for us.
Bev - Full time SAHM & Photographer [ 0*] - mom to Joslyn *11/2007* & Adelaide *5/2011*
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Re: What's in your NB stash...

Ah! Loving the tiny cuteness!
Happiness comes from within
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Re: What's in your NB stash...

Too much.

24 newborn prefolds
28 nb/xs fitteds (mostly Diaper Drive Thru)
10 nb/xs PUL covers (Bummis Super Brite, Thirsties, RaRs)
wool - 5 wraps, 4 soakers, 6? longies and 1 skirty

18 infant prefolds
3 PUL covers (Thirsties, Bummis Super Lite, Fluffy's)
wool - don't remember how much, a few soakers and 3 or 4 pair of longies
5 onesize pockets (4BGOS, 1FBOS)

Plus lots of pins, one snappi to try again, fleece liners and various stay dry doublers.
Mama to Henry (01.07), Catherine (09.11), Audrey (04.14), Clare (09.15) and our newest addition, coming July 2017!
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Re: What's in your NB stash...

All I have right now is 2doz gmd orange, 2doz gmd yellow, 4 S BSWW covers, and about 6 wonderwraps. I was going to stick w/ that until we were done w/ the constant pooping stage but now I am feeling like I should get some fitteds or pockets or something for nighttime. I have 2 FBOS my ds outgrew but now sure they'll fit a newborn? My last baby was 9.5lbs.
mama to dd 2.05 ds 2.09 and newbie 10.11
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20 BG OS, 3 are BGE.
2 Blueberry pocket diapers
3 Rumparooz OS
3 Lil joeys Rumparooz
1 happy heiny
1 custom made weenotions
7 Alva baby
1 sunny baby
1 muttaquin OS AI2
1 muttaquin newborn fitted
2 thirsties duo diaper size 1
2 thirsties fab fitteds
1 grovia newborn AIO
1 butterbears OS
1 Hahtuvahullu OS
3 KLO fitteds
1 raven tree fitted
3 Ooga booga WAHM fitteds
1 sushi print fitted OS (hasn't arrived in the mail yet)
6 thirsties covers
1 best bottom cover
1 pumpkin pants fleece soaker
18 osocozy prefolds
54 diapers in all
I LOVE !! Baby Brayden Born August 23rd

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