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He Just Decided to Potty

I guess I should be thrilled, but I don't even know where to go from here.

I bought a potty this week for my 19 month old DS. I just put it out in the bathroom, figuring he would look at it, but generally ignore it. He immedately sat on it. So I stood him up, took off his pants and his diaper, and sat him back down. And he peed.

What now?!

He did it twice at bedtime now. He is always agreeable to sitting, and has now peed thrice.

He is not talking at all (outside of "Mama," "Dada," and "bubble"). He is tall enough to sit on the potty on his own. He definitely pees at night. A lot. And frequently wakes up at 5am to poop.

I'm wondering what my next step should be. I am thrilled that I may not have to commercialize it (Elmo's Potty Time dvds, etc), or offer a bunch of bribes (don't get me started on the menagerie of stuffed animals my almost-3 yo niece is being given to potty).

I think I just want some of the DS mamas' about potty learning.

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Re: He Just Decided to Potty

Congratulations. However, this may just be a phase, so hang on to the diapers. It's a neat new thing and he may get bored with it. I hope not for your sake, but my 3yr old did something similar and now I can't get him to use his potty at all. He knows how to use the potty, when he has to potty, he'd just rather use a diaper(or the floor when I tried going diaper-less). I sincerely hope he's an early learner, just so I can live vicariously through you.
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Re: He Just Decided to Potty

YAY! My DS2 started really early, too. He was 18 months old and was using the potty more than DD, who was 3.5 and still learning at the same time. But then he went through a few months where he didn't seem interested anymore and now that he's almost 2 he's picked it back up and is doing great.

I'd probably just sit him on it and encourage it a few times throughout the day and see if he starts asking to go on his own.

At 20 (or 22?) months, you can start the 3 day potty training technique if you wanted, too. We did that with DD and it was great. It took her a good solid week, but we weren't as strict as we should have been. I'll be doing it with DS2 soon though because he is showing interest again and it did work for DD.

Good luck!!
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Re: He Just Decided to Potty

My DS was day trained at 19 months. He had a bad rash and was having some naked time and would announce "peeing" just before he did. So I told him "Pee goes in the potty" and that was that! We kept him naked for a couple of days until he got the hang of it, encouraged trying quite a bit and after the first day or so he would just run in on his own. He still isn't night trained at 3 1/2 though.
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Re: He Just Decided to Potty

This sounds a lot like what DS did! At 2 (28 months), he has gone through several phases where he was very excited about using the potty. We're in one now, and I'm hoping it sticks this time. It sounds like some little guys pick it up really quickly - good luck!!
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