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Sebastian's Birth

I woke up Febuary 7th, many times as usual. But this time it was due to contractions. Wierd, I've never felt contractions with my waters intact. They didnt hurt, but they were there enough to wake me up. So I got up. I told Corey I wanted to walk around and walk the baby out. So that exactly what we did. We stopped for coffee and the lady who is always there started chatting to me about how hospitals and drs need to let women just gestate as long as nessesary. I'm all for that, but I really wanted baby out TODAY! So we got our coffees and headed out to the mall.
We got to the mall and walked for hours. We stopped for "food" (i really should've had something more than the chicken from KFC) and then left for home since my pelvis and hips were getting sore. I hadn't walked this much in months. I hadn't been having any contractions that worried me, I figured it was just from the walking and it wasn't really going anywhere. But because of the ones that woke me up that morning I stayed on high alert.
We got home and I got on facebook for a bit, sat on my ball, and continued having contractions. I must have been in denial at this point, but Corey was having to rub my back with each one. I could still function through them though. But we decided to give my midwife the heads up and I was texting a friend as well who decided to come over just in case. At this point I told Corey he better let his mum know. It was probably about 6-7 pm or so at this point. So we tossed in some laundry and started doing a bit of prep. I was still completely in denial and totally believed this was going to space out and baby was staying put.
By now I had to stop and focus through contractions. But they were not long and didnt feel nearly like what I remember. Corey kept saying he wanted to go out quickly and grab a fruit tray or something but wanted to wait for Jode (my friend) to get here first. She got here at about 8-8:30. We had started setting up the pool by now and was just letting it fill up. Once she got here Corey went out to move vehicles around and I had a couple contractions in that time. Once he got back in I was about to tell him to go check on the pool but then a contraction started and I couldn't talk. Poor guy never knew what to do, I needed a different spot rubbed or pressed everytime, and he was running around in between trying to do stuff. So when that one ended I simply said Pool! and we all rushed downstairs to find it full.....of cold water. Ugh! Midwives and Coreys mum were on their way. So we got water boiling and they were emptying cold and filling with hot as fast as possible. The hot water tank was done, so we had to boil everything.
By this point I was tired. But I still figured it was early on, since I felt I was dealing with the contractions very well. Still quiet and calm and no groaning, but very tired. So as my midwife got there I was clearing off the couch to settle down for a nap. I remember looking into the pool at one point knowing I wasn't going to get in there, and my midwife also voiced this concern. I told her I wasn't worried. I layed down on the couch and got as close to napping as possible. I was told later I was on the couch for about a 1/2 hour, but I only had 3 contractions in that time and I was dealing with thme completely alone. I still didn't feel they were that bad.
I wanted to get up to pee, and I knew I had to go NOW. I felt slight pressure and really wanted to be naked. Coreys 13 yr old sister just got there, and my second midwife had shown up while I was resting. So everyone was there. Corey came with me while I peed. I had a contraction on the toilet and it was far more intense. I had one right on top of that and left my bottoms off and kneeled on the bathroom floor. I was groaning through that one. Andrea (midwife) was there and told someone to set up a spot by the couch, thinking I could lean over it. So I got out of the washroom and to my spot just in time for the next contraction. I chose to lean over the pool edge, nice and tall, and then I felt him there. I mentioned I was pushing, making sure someone would be there to catch. The next contraction I tried to hold back, since he was coming so fast and I didnt want to tear. I asked where he is and Andrea told me his head was right there. I got down on my hands and pushed. His shoulders came out right after his head. Once I felt his head out I pushed as hard as I could, I wanted him out. And then he was. Corey had helped catch him and they place him on the floor between my legs for me to pick up when I was ready. I looked at him and the first thing that came to mind was that he was so tiny! After I got my bearings, since I didn't want to pick him up then collapse, I grabbed him to my chest and sat there holding him. I sat there on my knees admiring him for a few minutes, then Andrea asked if I could push a bit to see if the placenta was ready. I felt it there so I did and it came right out.
Corey cut the cord. I was just in awe of so many things at this point. I took off my shirt and sat there naked surrounded by my people. It was dark, there was just a lamp on, and it was so peaceful. He started nursing and Coreys mum started taking pictures. He was born at 9:23pm, Febuary 7th during the full moon.
After he had nursed for a bit, and nobody asked to take him away, Andrea did ask to check my bleeding and whatnot, since she could see a chunk of membrane. So we went back to the washroom and dealt with that. Corey finally got to hold his son. I even recall Andrea telling him to take off his shirt.
Meanwhile I was getting dizzy and put my head on andreas shoulder. I passed out. I woke up on the carpet being told to drink ice tea while both midwives were removing membrane and pushing on my tummy. I ended up getting two shots in my legs and a litre of ice tea, lol. But I slowly came out of it. Once I felt better Andrea brought baby to my side to check him out. I was still laying on the floor covered by warm towels. Corey was so worried, I never saw such a look of fear on his face. He was holding one hand while feeding me liquids and his mum was holding my other telling me it was going to be ok. And it was. It was more of a cervix/not eating issue then a bleeding too much issue. I didn't actually lose much blood at all.
Finally the drama was over. I went to the toilet again then hopped in the shower quickly. I got dressed and headed back out to the couch. I sat there cross legged and Sebastian was handed back to me without me even asking. Pretty soon after everyone cleared out and it was just Corey and I plus 1. From the time I started timeing contractions to having him, it was 4 hours. And it was amazing! My midwives were awesome, friends and family were so supportive, and the whole experience was better then I ever could've imagined.
Emily, mommy to Sebastian and partner to Corey
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What a great story!!! I am getting so excited for my home birth in a few weeks!!
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Re: Sebastian's Birth

Congratulations!!! Sounds like a great experience
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Congrats! Love his name.

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Re: Sebastian's Birth

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Re: Sebastian's Birth

Congrats and thanks for sharing your story
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Re: Sebastian's Birth

wow what a fast labor and delivery! I enjoyed reading your lo's birth story!
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