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weekly chat March 26-31

ok ladies...let's get this weeks chat started off right away...

QOTW: Who is ready?!?!?! as in has everything done and just sitting back waiting on baby to make grand entrance.

AQOTW: I am sooo NOT ready...I mean i have the bags packed (small carryon size bag) for DH and I to take to hossy with bathroom bag on top, snack bag packed, and working on finishing up bag for nursery workers to have (extra paper for footprints and clohtes for first pic.s, copy of our care plan too) and have teh girls bag packed for them staying with my sister while at hossy

i have most of his clothes (size NB and 0-3months) washed and put away

a packnplay set up in our room beside my side of sister called and said that I could borrow her crib to sidecar with but I am leaving up the packnplay til i get the other

i have sposies for when we fist get home and to use til he fits into small/OS diapers that we have...

but i still feel like i am not there is a TON to do before he gets here...

I still need to...put together new swing and bouncer that we got...

and have a TON of household projects to get done...we are putting baseboards down in our room and DH needs to move bed and finish that one wall and then do trim in corners...I want my closet stripped down and new shelves put up...and my house is always a wreck!!! i have the cleaning ladies coming saturday and so will feel better after they come but still...there is junk everywhere and anytime i clean it up someone else brings junk in or moves stuff and it gets covered in junk all over again...i really should take a pic. of my kitchen and then clean it and take another pic...right now it is a HOT MESS!! sooo i think i will get off here and at least go tackle that cleaning project...maybe that will help me feel better!
**Please forgive any typos!!**
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Re: weekly chat March 26-31

Im ready!!!!!!! The bags packed and ready to go, car seat is installed, diapers are washed and ready to be used. Im so excited!

Baby will be here wed. Last week my cervix was thick and closed and today I am almost 2cm dialated. So induction is set and they'll break my water. Hopefully I wont need any pitocin and I can do it without the epidural - mentally preparing myself now lol.

The one thing I dont have ready is my birth plan. I already told the nurses what I dont want the hep v vax, eye goop etc etc. I shouldve gotten the papers signed long ago but I guess I can do it when we get there wed.
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Re: weekly chat March 26-31

I am as ready as I can be right now. Baby stuff is washed beds are ready. I do need to put the carseat in the car but I have no clue what car we will be in when coming home so I am not to worried about it. DH left yesterday for 8 weeks so my Friend is on call and ready to head up this way. It will take her 6 to 8 hours to get here. We are waiting to see what my DR has to say at my 37 week appointment but as of now she is staying home with her family until about a week before I am due then she will head this way. If I need her sooner then all I have to do is call. My back up person is ready to go and my Grandma is here to watch the kids when the times comes.
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Re: weekly chat March 26-31

I'm not ready but at least I have started, lol. I ordered the liner for the birth tub today along with a few other things I was missing. I started to get my birth kit together - only a few things are missing as of now (or things that need trading good towels for sucky ones if I find some cheap) but it will certainly be good enough for when my mw comes next week for the home visit.

I washed the covers for the swing and bouncy seats, now I am going to throw them in a closet until I am either in labor or we have a baby - it wont take dp long to set them up and I don't want to look at them empty for the next month-month and a half. I did the same with the bassinet, it is ready to go but I am not going to set it up ahead of time.

The car seat isn't in but it is adjusted properly and ready for a kid to be in it.

Clothing is washed but currently a mess, dd has gotten into the dresser and I just don't want to fix it knowing she will mess it up again. More gender specific items are in our linen closet clean. Diapers are ready to go =) though I need to order the OS stuff I want at the beginning of April so mil can bring it here when she visits (much cheaper to order to the states).

My floors need to be washed but it just isn't happening right now.

I feel awful right now, I was awake from 2-5:30 this morning with terrible acid reflux..up for the day before 7. I just took the last zantac and some tums - hopefully they kick in soon..I need to take a diclectin too but at this point I don't think I will be able to swallow any water without throwing up. Ick. Can I crawl into a hole right now? my head is pounding.
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Re: weekly chat March 26-31

AOTW-I'm as ready as I am going to be. We are constantly starting new projects around here, so there will always be something that I want to get done. Currently DH has decided to start ripping into the basement...Apparently we are going to be redoing the water lines and electrical down there. So yeah, ginormous mess in the downstairs which includes the kids playroom, family room, DDs room, our spare bedroom, and bathroom. YIKES! Don't know that I was ready for that project, but it's started now.

So DD has always been a great sleeper except if she's sick. Starting at 5wks old she was sleeping 12 hours a night...So these past few nights have really thrown us off. She has been up at least 5 times each night whining about things. Last nights issues where that she: 1-needed a tissue, 2-she didn't know, 3-couldn't find her blankey(which was on her), 4-she wanted the light on, 5-she couldn't find her stuffed kitty, 6-she wanted to get out of bed. Maybe she has decided to start our sleep deprivation early? I really hope that she gets over this soon because I don't think I can handle this with a newborn.
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Re: weekly chat March 26-31

Amy, sorry for the rough sleeper. I hope she irons it out quickly before baby comes. Maybe she is just sensing the change that is coming and is reacting to it?


We are pretty much ready except for the birth tub which is at my mw's house. I will get that on Friday at my next appointment. I want ot clean and organize the desk in our room because Im worried that it will bug me during labor. Other than that, I got everything required for the home birth, All towels are washed and ready to go... oooh I just remembered have to get the plastic sheet on the bed! THEN we will be all ready to go. Car seat installed, baby clothes and diapers washed and put away,crib sidecarred, Yep pretty much ready.

Ive been having random contractions since a few days ago and it has made me aware that things are warming up. I could still go to my due date or beyond but its been like an "oh yeah, this baby is coming out soon" type of reminder. hard to believe we are here.
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Re: weekly chat March 26-31

Amy - Hope your DD is feeling better soon and everyone stays healthy

We are NOT ready. I mean, if baby comes today then baby comes today and we can get by. But there's still some things we need to get for the birth, a car seat for DD, there's some projects I'd like to work on, oh and I'm 2-4 hours away from where I should be to have a mw present. I'm almost done packing everything up to go settle somewhere. Plus the baby is still head up and I'd like to get another 4-5 chiro visits in and get my moxibustion sticks in too... Didn't realize those were shipping from asia and they're taking way too long to get here. grrr.

I've obviously started nesting because I've washed bedding including pillows, scrubbed bathrooms and lots of sewing and organizing. DH's mom will be staying with us after LO gets here and I'm clearing off shelves for her things this week so I don't have to do it when she gets here. Off for the pool now, a nice long hot shower and then a massage from DH and off to see the chiro for my first webster tech adjustment. Turn baby turn!

Is anyone sterilizing their towels and bedding? My mw's book says to sterilze 6 towels, 12 washcloths, 8 receiving blankets and a fitted & flat sheet. Assuming the sterilized sheets are to go on the bed with a plastic sheet, then make the bed again with non-sterile sheets? I'm going to have to ask her this friday. I don't recall sterilizing anything last time. I can make sense of the washcloths (if I'm torn) and the receiving blankets kind of... I mean putting the baby in sterile blanket and then non-sterile clothes and diapers? If it made sense to sterilze the blankets shouldn't I sterilze EVERYTHING?!?! LOL Not going to happen. But I don't get the sheets and towels.

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Re: weekly chat March 26-31

Besides needing to install the base in my car, we could be ready if I went into labor right now. However, there are more things I'd like to get done, such as shampooing all the carpets (we're having a cat problem... the cat is about to become a barn cat!), vaccuuming out my car from the dirt and crumbs that have collected since last Summer, etc. Mostly just cleaning stuff.
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Re: weekly chat March 26-31

NOT ME. Little miss has to stay where she is until after April 1st. I have a house to pack up and move. I could I suppose manage somehow if I went into labor, but PLEASE no.

After April first we'll be in the new house. She can evacuate my body anytime she likes after that. Ideally, I'd like time to put in an order with a local natural parenting store, and get some supplies from the store, like lanolin, sposies and wipes and a handful of other things, but I can get all that stuff either via family or after she gets here if push came to shove. So long as she gives me enough time to move, I'll be happy.

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Re: weekly chat March 26-31

AOTW: Sort of. If she comes today... I have a Pack-n-Play for her to sleep in, clothes, BFing supplies, diapers (sposies and cloth), and the car seat is installed in my car. I'm not as ready as I want to be, though. I just ordered her mattress, changing table/pad, and an extra car seat base for MIL's car. I'd like to at least have her crib dressed, changing table assembled, and my hospital bag packed before she decides to come! I'm working on it! :-D
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