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Birth Plans

Okay so I am having a homebirth and this week I have been working on my birth plan. I thought we could all help each other to see if we missed anything. Mine is super long because I am totally OCD like that but if you have time please look it over and see if I missed anything. If you need help with yours feel free to post it here!

When I go into labor follow these steps
-Call Kelly on her cell phone number, tell her how often my contractions are happening, how long they last and if my water has broken or mucus plug has past. Tell her to park in the spot we saved for her.
-If you are reading this and you are NOT Brad then call him on his cell phone now.
-Call the Placenta Encapsulation lady to let her know I am in labor (if it is night time wait until morning)
-Call Amanda Bundt to tell her I am in labor so she can get ready to take the birth pictures (if it is night time wait until morning unless I am in active labor overnight)
-Call my sister Amber to let her know to pray for us, I might want to talk to her so ask me please.
-Go out into the cul de sac and find a near by parking spot, put the sign I made on that spot for Kelly to park there.
-Fill the birth tub with a tarp under it, place a towel from the bathroom cabinet behind the door next to it.
-Put my sign on the door, it is the last page of this birth plan. Tape is in the top drawer next to the phone in the kitchen.
-Light the candles and put on the music, stay calm.

Emergency or Important Contacts (read carefully)
We have a landline with two phones, one in the office upstairs and one downstairs in the kitchen. That phone number is -----. Our address is ----, our nearest cross street is ---- the next largest cross street is ----.

For people to help with the girls call in this order
-Erin: our live in nanny
-Jenn Meyers: our former nanny and good friend (she will not be free M/W/F from 8-noon)
-Holly: our neighbor in 622

For me and Brad
-If Brad needs a break but I still need support please call my friend Jeana and ask her to come over.

If I am transfered to the hospital please call
-My mother Chrisanne ------- or -----. Have her meet us there, do not tell her I was attempting a home birth. Make sure to tell her we are at -----.
(Do not call my mother unless I am being transfered to the hospital even if I ask or demand that you do. She may be called once the baby is born)

Wishes for the Birth Environment

-I plan to use the Master bedroom and bathroom for the birth, the tub will be set up in there.
-Candles and natural light only, flashlights are fine if we need more light during labor
-Have the tub filled up when labor begins
-Birth ball when needed
-Bed will have plastic liners so I can climb into bed with out worry
-Funny movies to watch
-Prayers and books for Brad to read to me
-Prayer beads from my Blessingway
-Birth art and prayer flags on the walls
-Quiet music
-Leave the front door unlocked so people can come and go with out ringing the door bell.
-Take pictures as often as we can
-Eat or drink when needed
-Minimal monitoring unless there is a cause for concern
-Please encourage me to stay off my back and instead be in the water, on the birth ball or on all fours.
-If Brad needs a break but I still need support please call my friend Jeana on the contact list.
-My children will have their own supporter and may pop in and out at appropriate times but I do not want them present for the birth. It is possible that I will want them to get into the tub with me in early labor.

Wishes for the Birth and Placenta

-Pictures are to be taken behind my head or above the waist until we catch the baby.
-If Brad looks like he is freaking out tell him to step out of the room and collect himself before reentering.
-Make sure Brad eats, he will say he is not hungry but make him eat something. Offer me food or drinks often.
-I would like to be told when the baby is crowning, please guide me gently and remind me not to force the baby out to prevent tearing. (unless there is a cause for concern.)
-Kelly has my permission to manually help turn the baby if there is a concern.
-I would like myself or Brad to catch the baby
-Birth in the water then transfer to the bed to deliver the placenta
-I would like to nurse to encourage the placenta to detach.
-I would like the placenta to be closely inspected to make sure none is left behind.
-If it seems that a piece of placenta is still inside I would like Kelly to go in and scrape it off
-If I hemorrhage Kelly has my permission to do whatever is necessary to stop the bleeding including piton.
-Leave cord uncut until it stops pulsating then let Brad cut it (please get a picture of this happening)
-Once the cord is cut place the placenta in our freezer gallon bags for the encapsulation
-There are diapers and baby clothes on the baby changing table but I would prefer the baby to be skin to skin with me as long as possible.
-If I have a tear I would prefer not to be stitched unless it is essential for healing. If stitching is necessary I would like a local anesthetic before it begins. Please inform me of the severity and how many stitches I will receive.
-Now you can call my mother, let her know the baby is born, we are safe and we are at home. Invite her to come over as soon as she can. Do not tell her specifically that we had a home birth, I will answer those questions later.

If we are transfered to the hospital

-Call my mother (instructions and contact info on the first page)
-Brad will ride with me in the ambulance
-The twins will remain at home, there is a list of contacts on the first page. -Leave that person a copy of this birthplan. There are extra copies in the Master bedroom on the nightstand.
-If I need a c-section I will need a local, not a spinal because of the twist in my spine.
-I am HIGHLY allergic to penicillin, do not allow any medical personnel to give me anything in the family of penicillin or I could die.
-Please delay cord clamping or cutting if possible.
-The baby will remain with Brad or my mother at all times, even if transferred to the NICU.
-Kelly will remain with me
-If the baby needs medical attention Brad will make all the decisions if I am unable to at the time
-Our baby at no time will be given formula due to allergy concerns, I will breastfeed or if I am unable to the hospital must get donated milk from the Milk Bank.
-If the baby does not require the NICU then it will remain with me at ALL times in my room. It will not go to the nursery and any tests will be run by me first. Medical staff does not have my permission to do anything to the child or give anything to the child with out my permission first. Including the following, do not give my baby formula, glucose, bottles, or pacifiers without my permission.
-I would like to take my placenta home, place it in the cooler we brought inside the gallon bags and give it to my mother. If the hospital requires that it be removed from the facility my mother will arrange for it to be picked up by someone we know and dropped off to the house.
-Once the baby has been born and I am in recovery I would like the twins to be brought to the hospital.

Items Needed from Kelly’s list and their locations
-Light sources if there is no electricity or more light is needed: Flash light on the bedside table, extra batteries in the drawer.
-Cooler with compresses is in the master bathroom cabinet that is behind the door.
-The receiving blankets that have been sterilized in the bags are also in the master bathroom cabinet that is behind the door
-There are two empty laundry baskets in our master closet
-You will find a basket with the following in master bathroom cabinet that is behind the door. Hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, Lansinoh cream, oil, caster oil, bottled drinks (including coke), scissors, a hand mirror and the two large garbage bags.
-There is a stack of old sheets and towels that may be used in the master bathroom cabinet that is behind the door
-Tarps for under the birth tub and to cover the carpet if I end up out of water are in the master bathroom cabinet that is behind the door
-There is an iTouch with a camera on in the bedside table drawer with it’s charger for pictures.

Spaces for Kelly and assistant to use
-The baby changing table for anything related to the baby, there is a blanket that we do not care about on top so do not worry about getting it dirty.
-The skinny side table along the wall next to the birth tub
-The open countertop in the bathroom

Food and Drinks for Everyone
-The freezer has meals already prepared with instructions, any of these can be reheated to feed everyone.
-The top of the fridge has snacks
-The inside door of the fridge has drinks
-The coffee is in the cabinet above the coffee maker, it only makes one cup at a time.
-Anyone helping with the birth may eat or drink anything in the house with out needing to ask permission.

Gracie and Emma
-We do not allow them to have sugar
-Their favorite foods are oatmeal raisins, pears, crackers, yogurt, frozen berries, scrambled eggs, sprouted bread, pasta with sauce, beans and cheese or any of the frozen meals I prepared. You will find these foods in the cabinets to the left of the sink and in the fridge.
-Their sippy cups are in the cabinet to the right of the stove
-Their diapers are on top of the play kitchen in the living room or in the laundry. Their potty is down stairs, put them on the potty after naps and first thing in the morning. Ask them if they need to make “boom boom” or “pee pee” as often as you can and take them to the potty.
-Nap time is after lunch at noon and bedtime is at 7pm, they typically wake up in the morning around 6:45 to 7:30. They go to bed with their kitties. Sometimes they will fuss or talk to each other for up to 10 min. when you put them down in their beds, that is normal for them. Their video monitor is downstairs next to the TV.
-They like to go for walks or to the park behind the house, the stroller is in the back of the minivan or you can walk them down. My keys are in the bowl next to the phone in the kitchen. If you leave with them tell Brad or leave us a note and take a phone with you.

I also made a sign for our front door that says,

"This is a peaceful place
Take a moment to center yourself before you arrive
Enter with love,
Enter with calm,
Enter with a quiet voice

If you have been invited, the door is unlocked, do not knock or use the door bell. You will find a copy of my birth plan on the kitchen counter. "
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Re: Birth Plans

my plan is to not ask to be induced until i'm 41 weeks.

i plan to labor at home as long as i can and then go to the hospital. i really want to try and do natural birth but i also won't be ashamed if i need an epidural.

my friend, alex, will be doing labor pics. i don't want pics of her coming out but right after she is born i do want pics.

i want to be able to walk around and labor as i wish in the hospital and not be made to stay in the bed.

i'd like to be able to birth in whichever position is most comfortable for me.

i want aurelia given to me right after she is born before she is even cleaned off. i had this with lucian and i know that they can do the apgar scale with her in my arms.

i'd like jayson to cut her cord as well. he cut lucian's and i know he'll have that memory forever and i know he was very happy he got to do that.

hoping my mom will be here to watch lucian if not then he'll go next door to chenoa's. he can stay home with us until my labor gets too intense. i don't want him to see me in any type of pain related to his sister.
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Re: Birth Plans

those look great ladies!

I love how much thought you've put into your birthplan twinpossible!!
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I'm not this organized ya'll are panicking me
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Anya, I was exhausted after just reading yours!

My birth plan includes having a healthy baby. Other than that, I'm open to most anything that comes my way.
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Re: Birth Plans

I've had a birth plan in the past, and thanks to my awesome midwife who knows and respects my wishes, as well as my very vocal self and Dh, I've never had to use it.... I just make it clear what I want and what I am not okay with. I always give the nurses this little, "This isn't my first rodeo, I know my body, I know what's normal, and I don't give in to scare tactics." disclaimer.... very nicely, of course. And as long as they are nice and respect my wishes, I am nice too. But the second I feel pressured to give into something I am not comfortable with, they quickly learn I will not be pursuaded.

With that said.. it'll have been 3yrs this time between babies, so I will probably do a "basic" birth plan, just in case I am unable to advocate for myself for whatever reason and Dh freezes in panic, or if God forbid my midwife isn't able to deliver and I get stuck with someone unfarmiliar. (never happened before and I would be super bummed, she is like a best friend and has delivered all 5 of my LO's, so I hope that doesn't become the case)
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Re: Birth Plans

Thanks ladies! I am a little crazy about this one. I know, of course, that most things will be out of my control but my wishes need to be known. I am still have a lot of nightmares from the way way the twins entered the world. (and still have PTSD, I cannot even drive by that hospital). I wish I had been smarter and knew my rights. I was pushed around by medical staff who used scare tactics as weapons. Never, ever, ever again! That is why I have such a detailed plan if I get transfered to the hospital.

My midwife is amazing and will respect all my wishes, mainly the birth plan is to help her locate stuff! The rest of the plan is to remind my husband who tends to panic and forget things or the nanny

So you all are saying I didn't forget anything?
A crunchy wife to B and momma of identical twin girls G & E , our rainbow
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Re: Birth Plans

Wow, that is a really long birth plan. I can't read it all. I hate reading, and we are in the middle of work here...

I used a birth plan with my first b/c I was in the hospital. After that, I've had only homebirths, and have discussed my wishes with my MW beforehand. I never felt the need to have one for homebirths, personally.

The only thing I did need to discuss this time w/my MW was not to use cord traction this time. She did last time b/c I had bled a lot with baby #2. So w/baby #3, she managed that stage of labor to help prevent big bleeding.... but I don't prefer that. so I brought it up, she apologized for making me uncomfortable and promised not to do it this time.

If I wind up in a hospital, I will be an awful patient anyway, b/c I am not fond of the idea, so I don't want a birth plan. If I go to a hospital, it is b/c there is an immediate danger.
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Re: Birth Plans

Twinspossible-I read the whole plan, I think you have it all covered and then some but that's what you have to do with these things just so people aren't asking you a million silly questions when you are in labour

My birth plan is very simple-hubby and I are registered at the hospital. We always do a practice driving run so we-or more so DH can get me there as quickly as possible because I HATE the car ride when in labour.

All details will be pre-discused with my MW and she will know what we would like such as delayed cord cutting, breast feeding right away

I will labour at home-grandparents will be called to pick up our children-the neighbour will watch them if we need to leave right away due to quick progress...mine start slow but once they get going they are FAST-this is the only part that worries me because I'm a bit bad at knowing when it's about to take off and I just want to make it to the hospital with out having a baby in the car!

Once at hospital-I will do what I chose to deal with discomfort-hot bath, walking, birthing ball-there is no writting this down because I call these shots on the spot as I need them with the guidance of my MW. I am open to nitrous gas for pain releif but do not want any thing else.

That's it really
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Re: Birth Plans

WOW! This is so far off of my radar. I remember with my 1st having a very detailed birth plan and maybe even with my 2nd. With my 3rd it was a scheduled c/s so no birth plan needed and having been around the block a couple of times, I knew how to vocalize what we wanted.

Since I know I will most definitely have my dr (I am a *special* case due to the 3 previous c/s and her back ups won't touch me unless it is a c/s), I am hoping to get most things discussed at the prenatal appts. Plus I will have a doula who will know what I want and be able to help me and hubby advocate those desires. I guess my biggest wants are a hands off labor and delivery with minimal monitoring and complete rooming in of baby including for all tests and peds visits unless it is imperative that he be in the NICU.
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