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Exclamation !Need Advice ASAP! DD crawling out of crib. What do I do?

DD just started crawling out of her crib tonight. Tomorrow we plan on breaking it down into a toddler bed b/c if we don't she'll break her neck b/c it's a long fall. We are in the middle of a move and just got our stuff today. She's been in a pack n play for the past week and we've virtually gotten no sleep b/c she is waking up every 1-3 hours and gettting up. I have no doubt that's what will be in store for us tonight. We were so happy to finaly have our bed and not sleep on the floor and now we have to go through another sleepless night. Please tell me what you do to keep your toddler (mine's 18months) in the bed. We are not opposed to spanking but would prefer to use it as a last resort. Do you make your child just stay in there room? Do you make them stay in the bed? What do you do when they want to get up and play? Please please please assist me w/this. We are just at a loss and want to be consisten and make sure she is taught what our expectations are. We do shut the door at night to her room b/c we tend to turn the tv up louder at night. I thought about buying one of those tv monitors so I wouldn't have to open her door every time I want to see what she's doing. Please offer some advice. Thanks so much.

I just don't know what to do and I'm about in tears.
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Re: !Need Advice ASAP! DD crawling out of crib. What do I do?

Is her room dark? I know if our room is dark our baby is not so into getting up to play in the middle of the night. If it was me, I'd take off the rail of the crib or at least lower it and put a soft landing so if she does fall out she doesn't get hurt. Or just turn it in to a toddler bed like you said and baby proof the room really well.

Personally, I'd also bring her into my room so I could keep tabs on her, but that's not an option for all families. I think I'd not spank because 18 months is pretty young and she's most likely doing it out of curiosity and not direct disobedience, IYKWIM?

Toughie. Hope you find something that works!

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Re: !Need Advice ASAP! DD crawling out of crib. What do I do?

Oh, mama... I wish I could help you get some sleep!

I have four, and my first three went through the same thing. We co-sleep here until 6-7mos then move the babe into their own bed (crib). They each started climbing out of their crib and coming in to sleep with me - they still do! Well, not my 11yo . Anyway, when they started climbing out, we put a twin mattress on the floor of their room, got special sheets (snowflakes, favorite color, flannel, etc.), and made it a very nice space for them. Bedtime was just as much fun, and when they woke in the night to come in to me, they didn't have that drop and thump when they hit the floor.

When she climbs out of bed, where does she go? Moving to a strange home is tough for some kids - different smells, sounds, mapping... I wouldn't spank her for climbing out of her bed. I know you're frustrated but I think the greatest thing you can do for her is to try to understand that it's a phase that smart kids go through (Life is too much fun to stay asleep), and be patient with her until she gets in to a groove. Hang in there, mama - I've been there three times, and my Seamus just turned one, so I'll be there with you again soon!

If she's waking to play in her room, maybe you can take all but a few toys and books out of her room, leave a nightlight in there and gate the open door before you turn in. This way, if she does wake, she'll be on floor level (with her mattress), have a couple of toys and some light to play for a minute, which would buy you some time before you tend to her. Until she starts climbing over the gate...she'll figure that out, too, if she hasn't already! She may even doze off again on her own.

Be patient, mama. It's one night that she's climbed out. What is the nighttime routine like at your house? Do you do the same thing every night?
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Re: !Need Advice ASAP! DD crawling out of crib. What do I do?

spanking isn't the answer here
a move is a BIG deal for a little one
most likely she is feeling anxious and spanking will only make that worse

i know you are anxious too and not getting sleep doesnt help the sitution
but please be patient with her
transition her to a big girl bed and it wont be long til she's more comfortable and loves to snuggle in her bed
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Re: !Need Advice ASAP! DD crawling out of crib. What do I do?

When we moved our dd to a toddler bed (14 months) we just made sure that her room was safe. We put her to bed and shut her door. Most of the time she would get up and lay in front of her door and look out. We just kept going in every once in awhile and putting her back to bed. Eventually she would fall asleep. It is hard in the beginning, but try to see it from her side. There is nothing to stop her from getting out of bed so why wouldn't she.
A move is a big deal and so is moving to a toddler bed. She will adjust to both, but it will take some time and patience.
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Re: !Need Advice ASAP! DD crawling out of crib. What do I do?

My son did the same thing at 15 months, and we put him in a toddler bed. First off, you have to completly childproof the room, because I don't think it is reasonable to expect an 18 month old to stay in the bed all the time at first. The first nap that Cooper had in his bed, he got out and wandered around. I went it to check in on him, and found him snoozing in his closet (it was so cute!) I just put him back in his bed, and then the next few times that I heard him wandering, I jsut went in his room and redirected him. Really, it wasn't that hard to get him used to the idea.
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