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Unhappy Tired of Night Nursing...

My DD is 9 months old, and she's driving me crazy with the night nursing! She won't or maybe can't fall asleep without nursing, so when she wakes up during the night, I have to nurse her, or she screams until I do. It used to be that she slept through most nights and only nursed at bedtime and in the morning. But now it's at least 3 times per night. And I'm getting tired!!!

We co-sleep, and I hate the idea of CIO, but my hubby's threatening to put her in the crib and leave her there if this doesn't stop. What do I do??

Wanted to add...this is the first baby that I've BF successfully, and our only form of BC, so I'm really torn on this, but I need some sleep!
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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

I'm have this issue too- BUT mine is only 5 1/2 months- I've been so tired I just sometimes wish I never started bf!!

I know it's just the tired sick brain talking cause my heart LOVES it!!!

I'll be watching what people say about their bf night experiences
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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

IF this is your only form of BC I would be worried....After 6 months your "risk" of getting PG JUMPS SIGNIFIGANTLY(sp?)....and LAM is not reliable at all. Furthermore if you wean her at night you are going to be VERY likely to get your cycles back (typically to keep cycles away you want to nurse every 4hrs).

When we night weaned (DD was a LOT older though) I just changed the scenery at night. We ALWAYS sat in the same chair so she associated that chair with unstead of sitting in the chair we layed in bed (which we NEVER did) she fussed for a few minutes for the first few nights but didnt fuss much since I was RIGHT there. Now 3 months later I am able to sit in the chair and cuddle her without her wanting to nurse.

Anyways, regardless of what you choose to do (about night weaning) get on birth control if you dont want to get PG
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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

I'll be watching this thread, my sd is eating all night too, I need some sleep!
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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

Not sure what to do...but first dd NIGHT weaned herself at 6 weeks so it'll be a lot different with thie one I guess...
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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

i find that my patience with night nursing comes and goes. dd's still nursing a few times a night at 18 months. it's always worse when she's teething or going through any big developmental shift. so we'll usually have a rough week followed by a period when it's not so bad.

my dd can fall asleep without nursing (e.g., if daddy's walking her down), but the real key is that she has trouble relaxing enough for long enough to fall asleep. nursing helps her hold still long enough to relax.

in the middle of the night, most of the time it only takes a few minutes to fall back asleep. but what bugs me is those nights when she wants to sleep with my bb in her mouth for LONG periods of just not comfy for me and i get frustrated.

no real help. most of the ap sources i've read don't really suggest night-weaning until your child is older. dr. jay gordon has a post on his site (can't remember the link sorry) about his technique.

the only thing i've found that really helps me is to go to bed earlier myself so that i make sure i get enough sleep. that helps me a lot anyway.

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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

First of all, congrats on your current success with Breastfeeding!

As for the night nursing, I have found that just nursing works most of the time... other times, like for a couple days while teething at 6 mos, we had some luck with substituting a pacie for the nipple after a while... Although it's uncommon for non-pacie kids to take pacies, ours did for those few bad teething nights...

also if this night-waking is partially caused by teething, you might have some luck with Hylands Natural Teething Tablets...

one last thing, if you are looking for another "natural" bc plan, I'd recommend the diaphram, as there are no hormones attached... and although it's not 100% (neither are hormones), it's usually a more reliable form of bc then nursing... from what I understand, you have to nurse every three hours around the clock and offer no other foods for breastfeeding to be bc & even then it doesn't work for everyone! Sorry if this is tmi! And if your family chooses natural child spacing, just ignore me!!
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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

We use a combination of Fertility Awareness Method and the Billings Method as natural birth control. We've never had issues with it and I've gotten pregnant on several other more 'normal' forms of birth control.

Of course, you can't use FAM until you start your cycle again...
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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

My daughter stopped night nursing 3 1/2 months ago. Only because I was getting no sleep at all. My doctor told me she no longer *needed* to nurse at night she just wanted to. I gradually took a feeding time out and replaced it with another way of comforting her. Every baby is different so I do not know what would soothe your baby. Mine really liked her back to be patted. Which turned out to be another bad habit I had to break but at least she was learning to sleep with out nursing. Within a week there was no more night nursing. However, anytime she woke up I had to pat her back. She gradually outgrew that after about a month.
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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

During good times DS wakes once at night to nurse. During rough times (sick, teething, etc.) he needs to nurse 3-4 times. Those are rough night for me because DS only wants me - no DH. Oh, DS is 10.5 months old and doesn't each much baby food as he just doesn't like it. We are working on small amounts of table food but he's taking his own sweet time adjusting to the texture and mashing of the food in his mouth.

But I will miss the one middle of the night nursing when DS gives it up. It's a quiet time for just the two of us. Nothing else going on. No TV, DD needing attention, phones ringing at work (DS comes to work with me), DH asking for stuff, etc. Just peace, quiet, and a gorgeous baby getting his needs met by me. Perhaps it's because I know this is my last baby so I'm trying to enjoy even the difficult moments.

That being said we have just come off 3 weeks of DS waking 3, 4 or even 5 times a night. I was hitting my limit on what I could handle but he's back to a more normal cycle now.
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