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Why would a dr give a first time mom a trasvaginal sonogram at 5 weeks!! She told her she saw the sac but nothing in it - that is normal right? I told her not to worry because it was normal. She is sending her for another sonogram next week at a lab. But of course she is worried. I'm trying to comfort her because I'm sure everything is all right but I'm stunned as to why they would do a sonogram so early? She isn't having complications and is testing positive on the tests. I just feel bad that this doc worried her for nothing!
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Re: Why?

I just had mine at 5 wks 2 days and we saw the yolk sac, but nothing else. My doctor told me that that is what she expected to see and that everything looks great. I go back for another u/s in 3 wks. So, yes, I'd have to say that is normal. You're really not supposed to see anything at 5 wks. I have no idea why her doc is concerned about that.
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Re: Why?

I had this at 6w2d but ONLY because I had TONS of bleeding and thought that i had lost the baby. There was not much to see but a small sac and we found the heartbeat . I am shocked that they gave her one so early. I did not have another one until 13 weeks. Please do tell her that it is noraml not to see much, if anything. I am upset that they would worry her, especially so soon.
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Re: Why?

There's a new trend for "dating ultrasounds." I have a friend who told me her doc is now pushing everyone for some new blood test around 11 weeks to replace the AFP screen (less false pos) that has to be drawn on the EXACT day- so they're making everyone have a dating us to be sure. So maybe that's why??
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Re: Why?

I've been pregnant 4 times in the past 3 years, and every one of my pregnancies started out w/ an early u/s. Even back when most thought I was too young to have a baby and they weren't all that worried about why we were loosing the pregnancies. Like a pp said, it's the new trend. It's the most accurate time to get measurements. Most of the time they stick to the due date that they give you at that u/s, unless the baby starts measuring off by 2 weeks or more. That is what all of my OBs always told me.
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Re: Why?

I agree with pp. I have always had early u/s and it was to "date" the pregnancy and figure out how many are in there. {no surprises}. I don't think it is odd at all. I actually like going early just so I can see a heartbeat! We usually wait until the first ob visit which always comes with a first u/s.

I am sure they weren't meaning to worry her. They could also be checking to make sure it isn't an etopic. I have had one done to make sure the babe was in the uterus and no where else.
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Re: Why?

i had early u/s's because of a previous loss. The earliest I had one was 5 weeks and 6 days and I was able to see the bean and hb. As far as why a doc would do it without a reason...NO idea.

Good luck to her.
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Re: Why?

Oy. I had one at that time even though I told them that I was REALLY early, but they said according to my dates I wasn't. I was right I saw the same thing then, and worried, until I went in later.
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Re: Why?

i had one done this pregnancy at 5w6d (somewhere near there).. i had it done cause i didnt know my exact dates. i had one 1w before this and they didnt see anything but a thickened lining.

baby,HB, and all that and everything was fine.
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Re: Why?

I had U/S with my last three around 8 weeks to check dates. That said, i used to be all gung ho about U/S until my last pregnancy.

My doctor sent me out to a perinatologist for an U/S because his machine was down. The Peri told me that my baby had IUGR (growth restriction) at 24 weeks. I needed to see him two times a week for Biophysical profiles and NST's. I also saw him every 2 weeks for growth U/S's. To make a long story short, i was induced at 35 weeks being told that my baby would weigh around 4 pounds if I was lucky. I had an amnio the day before the check for lung maturity and all was well. I went to the hospital for my induction and ten hours later i gave birth to a TOTALLY FINE 6 pound 1 ounce baby. not a 3 or 4 pound baby like they had told me THE DAY BEFORE, a 6 pound baby.

So i dont totally believe in the whole technology anymore. And yes, the peri i was seeing was one of the highest rated doctors in the US and the machine was a brand new GE 4-D machine.

There is a lot of research out there that U/S can be damaging to babies and cause problems like dyslexia, ADD etc. Of course it has its pros and cons and every mother needs to make the decision herself. I don't believe that women with very little risk factors need routine U/S. I used to, but not anymore.

But for the OP, it is becoming increasingly popular for OBs to date pregnancies with trans vaginal U/S at 5-10 weeks. And seeing very little at 5 weeks is absolutely normal.
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