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Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

Long story short... DS is 4 months old and I had a traumatic delivery and somehow let myself be talked out of breastfeeding him. Thanks to a wonderful mama on here, I was able to get an SNS and a manual pump. I tried the SNS once but obviously can't remember how to get DS to latch and it failed. Now, I totally didn't expect it to be easy at all but it was super emotional just that one time... I haven't tried again (this was earlier today) as I want to get in contact with an LC to help me so that I don't end up making DS hate going to the breast (KWIM?)...

I'm just wondering if any mama's have successfully done this? I have NO support from family (other than DH) and am getting a ton of flack for this... I am planning on using More Milk Plus (if I can find the mama on thebabywearer who was going to send it to me..) but no one understands my desire to do this... My grandma even said to me 'why bother, you stop breastfeeding around 9 months old anyway, is it even worth it?'... She nearly died when I told her that the AAP has changed their veiw and recommends up to 2 years (at least 1 year)... She said '2 years is way to long for a baby to nurse'.

Anyway... I'm really just looking for support. I know it's not an easy battle but it's one I'm willing to fight... For the good of my baby. It's never too late... Right?

TIA ladies!
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Re: Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

good for you! no, it's not too late. i do understand that it is very emotional, that's to be expected. after your not so wonderful delivery, im sure you have a lot of emotions that are going to surface. on another bfing forum i frequent we just had a discussion about the wonderful aspects of nursing, and quite a few of us mentioned that it was healing. there is a lot of work to be done, but you sound like a strong, intelligent woman and im sure you can do this. i will do my best to point you in the right direction and offer what help i can. please pm/email me at any time if you want to vent your frustration, celebrate successes, anything, ok? you are right to follow your instincts and work toward nursing your baby. it will be good for both of you.

here is the link to dr newman's site:

there are videos of various latches, good and bad. if you email him, he will be able to give you some good information.

it's great that you are going to use the more milk plus. have you also considered using reglan or domperidone? these are both prescription drugs that have the side effect of increasing milk supply. you can read about domperidone on dr newmans site also. and if you decide to order some you can get it at i bought mine there with no problems. i ordered twice.

are there any LLL groups in your area? a leader would be able to give you 'real life' help and support, which are also important. she would be able to help with the latching, which is a pretty important part of bfing!

here are a few more sites to check out:

i hope that helps at least some. i think one of the best things you can do it find an LLL meeting in your area. the women there will be a good support network for you. as will your friends here at ds! keep us updated.

eta: you might have good luck with nipple shields. you can get them are target or bru.

and obviously, put the baby to the breast as often as you can. the sns is a great thing too. it will help him learn that milk comes from mama, while at the same time stimulating your breasts to make milk. it will be slow and clumsy sometimes, but it is not out of your reach.

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Re: Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

do you have a tiny bit of milk? If so, I would suggest domperidone if nothing else works. I used it and my supply increased quite a bit!
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Re: Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

I can get a teeny teeny bit if I really work at it...

I wasdoing the research and actually, the reglan has nasty and scary side effects anf supposedly domperidone isn't safe either. Can my ped write the script for that? Or do i go to my OB/GYN for it?

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Re: Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

I got some milk out, but DS never returned to the breast. I used Domperidone, too. I ordered it from some offshore pharmacy in New Zealand or something like that, LOL! I wish I could remember. I think when I did research on it your doc is more likely to give you an Rx (if they will at all) for Reglan. However, from my research I decided to go with the domp. because of the lesser side effects. I gained weight on the domperidone (about 10 lbs), but that was pretty much it. The reglan side effects were just too scary for me.
If you search around online you can find places to order it from - it's legal in other countries and they can send it to the U.S. but you can't buy it HERE without an Rx (I guess).
I also suggest adding fenugreek to that - but you'll get that from the tea if you can get it. There are lots of other herbs you can get, but if you get the tea a lot of them are in there.
Make sure you get to an LC to help. I had a LactAid and I got REALLY frustrated with it. I ended up pumping and adding it to his bottles until I decided to stop pumping. Putting baby to the breast will get you far more than pumping anyway. SO I guess using an LC to help you get him to the breast would be the first and most important step as the rest of the steps make take some time to be able to get (like the Domp. or Reglan). The LCs can also give you more great suggestions that would work for YOU.
Titania gave you some GREAT links up there, too!!
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Re: Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

I don't have any experience w/ relactating, but I want to offer my support, Good Luck. I hope you stick to your guns and can get the baby to latch. I BF both my DD and will the one I am expecting soon. My first DD had a hard time latching on, but we eventually got the hang of it. I am sure it is going to be more difficult to get your baby to latch since he has been used to the bottle, but don't give up. I hope you find someone locally that can help you get the baby to latch, once you accomplish that I think you will be able to get your supply back up in no time. I have heard of adoptive mothers who have been able to nurse so I can't see why you wouldn't be able to relactate if you put the effort into it. Keep up the good work mama.
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Re: Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

Kudos to you for wanting to try - I really hope you find local support, it helps so much to have a cheerleading team behind you.

I too had a very tramautic labor and postpartum and my milk supply suffered immensely. I went 100% dry and am VERY allergic to Fenugreek - so I was limited in what I could take (Fenugreek did help for the few days I took it before I realized where my hives were coming from). I did have sucess with extra pumpings (even though I didn't get milk, the extra nipple stimulation was important) and with dompheridone. I tried Reglan, and while it worked - it was absolutely awful for me and I couldn't tolerate it...the Dompheridone also worked, not as dramatically, but did help a lot and with not a single side effect (my OBGYN Rx and a local pharmacy componded it..I also ordered from NZ before I found the local pharmacy - cost was equal). By the time dd was 3 months I was finally up to 100% - but when I returned to work and had to rely on pumping during the day, I again had a significant drop in supply. I really cherish the time I spent nursing and am glad I took the extra effort to make milk, even when it came down to just one nursing and only 8oz after 3 to 4 pumping sessions - I was proud of myself and happy that I could provide that for my dd.

Sadly, I developed thrush followed by ezcema on my nipples and when my dd turned 6 months - I did allow us to call it quits. I'm still battling the ezcema - this is not common, and not related to I wouldn't expect this to happen for you.

I have an open bottle of More Milk Plus & Lactiflow (similiar tincture to More Milk Plus...but with a smaller amount of fenugreek) and dompheridone - that I'm no longer using. PM me if interested - I know it's wierd/worrisome to consider an open bottle, so I would understand your declining... I would just love to see these go to someone who could use them. I also have Mother's Milk tea...

My other big suggestion is to increase your water intake dramatically and make sure to eat enough calories (500 extra to make milk/day). Best of luck and many well wishes!
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Re: Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

Yes it is possible! I stopped nursing my son (who is now 2 1/2) because people around me weren't very supportive of it and my son was very jaundice and their comments kept scaring me. I nursed for 4 weeks and then gave up because of it. My son was diagnosed with acid reflux and would spit up all the time so seemed very discouraging to breastfeed.
I then tried every formula on the market to try and find one that worked for my son. Nothing seemed to make him content. After a couple months of bouncing from different formulas I decided it wasn't work it and my ped told me that breastmilk is better for his reflux. She told me to try and see if I could get my milk supply back.
I went and bought a good pump and pretty much had my ds at the breast constantly. I bought a lot of mother's milk tea as well and drank it all the time. I was able to get my supply back completely and my son was so happy once I did. He was like a completely different baby!
I used bottles that resembled the breast when I was feeding so latch wasn't a huge issue, but it did take some getting used to.

Good for you mama for trying to do what is best for your baby! I am sure that you will do it and don't listen to the people trying to discourage you! It is what is best for you and your baby and there is no better bonding that breastfeeding!

Feel free to pm me if you ever want to talk. I would be more than happy to be here for you for support or answer any ?? you may have!
Take care and good luck!
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