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I know a lot of pregnant women get hemrrhoids, but for some reason, they decided to happen to me about a month after Ivy got here (sorry if TMI). What over the counter things can I use to help with them? I remember the hospital had witch hazel pads, so I think I'm going to get some witch hazel today.
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Re: hemrrhoids?

Yeah, you can use those. Just make sure to try and get lots of fiber in your diet and maybe take some fiber like metmucil or something like that. Apparently I had some from PUSHING with my son, but by the time I checked for them (4 weeks pp maybe?) they were gone. Sometimes they'll go away on their own. Just keep getting lots of fiber in and drinking plenty of water!
OOps, I forgot. Not sure, but I think baths will help? Worth a try anyway, LOL!!!
I have some currently from being pregnant (or one big one, whoa TMI!) but I hardly even notice it being there. I've had butt problems since my son was born, and rhoids are probably one of the LEAST troublesome, LOL, so I don't do much for them.

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Re: hemrrhoids?

Mine haven't gone away yet, but my mom says they will with time.
They're a real PITA, no pun intended. LOL
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Re: hemrrhoids?

Thankfully I don't have them but my ds has since birth ~ poor guy. If you get hemrhoids they will never FULLY go away, they just aren't swollen and go back under the surface. It could be years from now before another flare up occurs. Just a warning.

For my ds I used to keep witch havel pads in the fridge ~ the cold really helps. Also, lots of fiber and hydro cream for the swelling and itching. Thankfully we finally got his diet under control and he hasn't had any in a while.
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Re: hemrrhoids?

Oh, are we talking about "butt grapes"? LOL! I never understood what all those Prep H commercials were about until I had DD! My mom said hers didn't go away on their own, she eventually had surgery to have them removed. But her advice: wait until your done having kids! LOL! (BTW she said it is the most painful surgery she's had done, and she's had quite a few various surgeries!)
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Re: hemrrhoids?

I had them the size of Texas. My ob told me to use Afrin (on the outside only). Spray them and you will be amazed. Seriously. Go get some now. I was amazed!
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Re: hemrrhoids?

Witch hazel is great- I wouldn't spend money on either the Tucks or Preparation H wipes because they are the same thing. Just get you some cotton squares and pour the witch hazel on them. Soaking in a tub also helps with the swelling. You can use the afrin- but not for more than a day or 2 because Afrin has a terrible rebound effect- which means it works but then the swelling actually gets worse. Lots of fiber in your diet- and if you're struggling with constipation you can take a stool softener (Colace is brand name and docusate sodium is generic) every night to soften things up so you don't strain.

Not to be gross- but take a look at them with a mirror. To have a problem this many weeks after delivery could mean that you have one that is either infected or has actually gotten a clot in it. Either case would require medical attention in addition to the remedies everyone has suggested.

(Sorry for all the detail- but the nurse in me comes out with stuff like this! )
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