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Ecing older baby

ok so I want to get started with my nine month old daughter because she has always hated wearing a diaper. The cloth was better for her but she still cries when i put it on her..any advice on how to start?
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Re: Ecing older baby

I started putting Natalie on the potty around 11 months. I didn't know about ECing...but looking back, I used some of its techniques, like offering the potty frequently, noticing things she did right before she peed, etc. She also hated diapers...and i struggled with changing her each and every time. I started by putting her on right before bath and read some stories to her...but never kept her on longer than about 5 minutes. I'd tell her what was supposed to go in the potty as she sat on it and if she went, I'd let her watch me put it in the big potty. I started putting her on about 15-20 minutes after she nursed...and before and after naps...or anytime i saw she stayed dry for more than 45 minutes or so. She did really well for a few months, and then around 14 months she started to fight being put on expect some resistance and potty pauses at points! I continued to offer it to her, and if she wanted to sit, she did, if not, no big deal.

At 18 months she started again, and this time I left her diapers off ALOT and she learned quickly what happened when she peed! I tried to keep her on the kitchen floor when I left her diapers off...for quick cleanup! Within a month she was pretty much potty trained!

Good luck!!!! Hope some of this helps!
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Re: Ecing older baby

We started a few weeks ago when DS was 13months. I really didn't think of it as EC, just early Potty training. DS has also always hated diaper changes. I think he was 5 months when I could no longer change him on a changing table.
A few months ago, I started seeing when he was about to go poo. He grunted, or squated a little, or stopped what he was doing. After going, he would pull at his diaper. Well, I don't know if it was him noticing himself wet more or me picking up on it, but he started doing similar things when he peed. So, I bought a Baby Bjorn Little Potty. I thought he could get used to it for awhile in the house and play with it. Well, I was so anxious I decided to try it out and he went!
Sorry to go off on a tangent a little.
I would try to start noticing when your LO goes. Often 10-15 min after a meal DS always goes. I thought of tracking it on paper, but i really don't have time for that. Whenever he goes pee or poop I make a ssss sound. I put him on as soon as he wakes from a nap, but often he has already gone.

Do you have fitted diapers? Your LO will really be able to tell when they are wet in fitted. DS doesn't really feel wet in his pockets since they are fleece on the inside. We are going to trainers now with cotton inside. I would change your LO as soon as they are wet so they don't get used to sitting in it anymore.

okay, I have come back to this a few times since DS is running around the house getting into things. Sorry so all over the place!!
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Re: Ecing older baby

i did the same thing at 9 mos with my dd. i got the bjorn little potty, put her on it when i would go, and after waking, and before bath while the water was running, etc. she very quickly learned the sign for potty and even sooner knew that going to the potty was an option and would fuss if she needed to. i put books and toys by the potty and took her everytime she wanted to go, even if it wasn't productive- so she would know i was going to respond no matter what. i set no limits on time on the potty and stayed with her and read while she sat. i quickly ordered some snap-ez trainers and she liked those better than diapers. we took the potty out with us, otherwise she would cry and fuss while we were out, waiting as long as 5 hours to go when we got home and sometimes going in the diaper with even more crying ugh. i had never before associated fussing with her need to go, i just knew that she cried after she went and while i was trying to put a new diaper on her.

really i can't believe it took me so long to figure out she really didn't want to go in a diaper. i'm glad she didn't give up on trying to tell me.
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Re: Ecing older baby

A trick I use on any aged baby is water...first put the baby on the potty, then turn the water on...most of the time just the sound of the water gets pee going BUT I also put warm water in the bottle they sent me home with to clean my "southern regions" after birth with warm water and that usually gets pee to come out...after pee comes out go crazy, get happy and everytime do that ...soon they will learn how to make pee come out without the use of can also accomidate the water with a sound...then as you lessen the use of the warm water you can keep doing the sound and that may trigger the same urges as the water was... It has worked with both my kids
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