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DD's Early Intervention saga (4/1 annual update in #105)

I called Early Intervention today. Or I emailed them, rather. I'll call on Tuesday or Wednesday if I don't hear back from them.

The "what ifs" in my head finally won over the "she's probably normal." DD is 15 months now and still has zero words. I was watching a few of her old videos from a couple of months ago... and she's really still about the same as she was then. That was the clincher for me, not that she still has zero words, but she hasn't changed in a few months. I decided to pursue an evaluation for her. I just hope that the wait isn't too terribly long.

Hope someone comes and gives me some .

ETA 4/1/09 (one year later, lol): See my updates later on in the thread, but she is doing much better now.
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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

I know what you are going through. My DS is 2 and I had questions since he was 15 months but everyone just told me to wait. We have about 10 words at best and they are not used very often. Anyway, we got an evaluation for April 3. You are in my thoughts.
Single Mother to DS Logan 3-2-2006 and Zoey 12-17-2008
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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

We have a EI eval for my DD and I am glad I did it. I wasn't as aware with my older DD and TBH, she didn't REALLY chatter up a storm until 2. I think that it is always good to be on the safe side... but stay positive. Also, be VERY proactive. I was super nice and very proactive and we were able to get in right away and that is not the norm around here!
TBH, I was not concerned for her speech although she did qualify for ST - Something about strengthening the jaw. My DD has not started the speech therapy yet though.
She can says:
Bubba (for her brother)
bap (map)
go, ego, go (Go diego go)
bup (up)
muk (milk)
uh oh, whatsit?
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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

I hope you don't have to wait too long and that you find out everything is fine.
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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

Hi! I'm Dawn. Wife and no label mama to my men ages 20, 12, 8 and 4 years old.Catholic God seeker. Homeschooling mama. Part time STAT and PICC RN. College Student (again). Volunteer with the MORELove Project and Union Gospel Mission.
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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

I was compelled to say that you are doing a great job my ds too has had an eval. and he will start on Tuesday for speech therapy he was 18 months when I started looking into it and it took a while to get everything in order but so far so good he is not talking much if at all he only uses about 12 words that only we his family can understand and so I hope and pray that this will helps us figure out what his needs are. He will be 2 in April.

My not so smart sil did not do this for my poor nephew they waited til the bitter end he is now 5 and is not very undestandable in his speech they say otherwise. They are so in denial that that has hurt my nephew considerably. So I am always glad to hear that parents stand up for their lo.
I know how you feel and I am in the same boat but be thankful that you had your wits about you and did something about it.
Claudia, Catholic, homeschooling mom married to a wonderful man . With lots of
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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

DS sees a speech therapist every two weeks. He just turned two and hardly said a word until he was almost 20 months old. Before that he had maybe 4 or 5, and I think I'm being generous with that number. He didn't wave, gesture or point. Since then he has gained about 15 words and 7-8 signs and is starting to pick up words a bit faster and even formed a few 2 words sentences! He waves hi and bye and has started to point at things.
Don't worry, your LO will catch up, you did the best thing for her by having her evaluated. feel free to pm me if you have any questions
Andrea - wife to Corey, mama to Logan, Grace, and our newest love Joseph Michael
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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

Do you feel that your DD can hear you? Does she respond to you when you ask her to do something? My DS had alot of ear infections as a baby/toddler and his speech was really delayed like you are describing with your DD. At 2 1/2 we finally got his hearing tested and he had some hearing loss due to fluid, so we had tubes put in. His speech really took off after that. We did end up with some speech issues where he could talk but we couldn't understand him very well (probably due to hearing for 2 1/2 yrs like he was under water) so he's in speech therapy and making huge progress.

I would ask the EI people to refer you to get a hearing test (we went thru them so it was completely free). That would be the first step--establish that your DD is hearing well.

The gross/fine motor skills could just be that she is a late bloomer and not necessarily delayed. During the EI eval, they will probably tell you that there is a wide range of normal for developing skills. There were things that DS couldn't do that his 3 friends who were born within a month of him could do and had been doing for several months. But DS wasn't technically delayed because the range was so big. It can be frustrating when you as a mom KNOW that your child is delayed but also encouraging because your child isn't completely behind. KWIM?

I think that they technically have to atleast evaluate your DD. Keep us updated.
Lisa-- Married since 6/02 Mom to DS-10/03 , DD-6/05 , and DD-8/07 (so far)
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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

I hope that everything is fine.
If for some reason she's not on track, you did the right thing, because the sooner you know there is something to work on the sooner you can get started. Best of luck!
Ali, mama to 3 amazing monkeys.
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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

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